The Tree of Life - .925 Sterling Silver Ring

$ 25.00 USD

The Tree of Life .925 Sterling Silver Ring is a beautifully crafted piece. The Tree of Life represents our personal development, uniqueness and individual beauty.  The roots of the Tree...

Abalone Drop Statement Ring

$ 75.00 USD

The Rainbow Abalone Drop Statement Ring brings glimmering color to any outfit! Fall in love with the rich hues of blue and green abalone as they dance across this stunning...

Bohemian Crown - .925 Sterling Silver Ring

$ 35.00 USD

The Bohemian Crown is made of .925 Sterling Silver and is the decoration for your pretty finger! The unique indent shape of the ring is perfect for stacking with your...

The Crystal Crown Ring

$ 100.00 USD

Wear our Crystal Crown ring to make you feel like the queen that you are! This ring is perfect as a standalone or stackable with any of our other metal...

Clear Quartz Baguette Ring

$ 40.00 USD

The Clear Quartz Baguette ring is a posh and sophisticated ring. It's a perfect classic standalone statement piece that matches with any outfit. Clear Quartz is considered a “master healer.”...

Beaded Band Ring

$ 25.00 USD

This ring will complete your other sets of rings flawlessly. It is perfect for complementing rings with a stone inset, and adding more of a complex design to your hands....

Elemental Moonstone Ring

$ 45.00 USD

The Elemental Moonstone Ring features an elegant oval Moonstone crystal, and a decorative teardrop design. Make your finger pop with the colorful and unique stone that shines different hues from...

Clear Quartz Snowman Ring

$ 50.00 USD

The unique two layer "snowman" shape makes this ring a super unique statement piece. Perfect to wear on its own or with stacking rings. This white crystal is considered a “master...

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