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4 Outdoor Activities in San Diego, California

San Diego is America's Finest City for Many Reasons

Whether you're traveling to San Diego and want inspiration for things to do during your stay, or you’re a local resident looking to change up your routine and try something new, we’ve got you covered with this little guide that includes some of our favorite activities to do in this beautiful city we, here at PI, call home.


#1 Beach and Surfing


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Everyone who’s been to San Diego knows that a trip to the beach is a must. With sunny weather in every season, hot summers, a variety of beaches to choose from and mild surf conditions with warm water, San Diego’s beaches draw tourists and residents alike all year round.

For trips to the beach that end with tacos and shopping on the pier, we love the high waisted shorts - they are the perfect lightweight and quick-drying beach cover up that are easy to throw over a wet swimsuit (without that sticky feeling that comes from denim shorts!) to move along with your day or evening at one of San Diego’s bustling beach towns.

Pacific Beach in particular offers a wide variety of beachside businesses that range from surf and juice shops to lively nightclubs. Guaranteed there's something for everyone just steps from the pier! 


#2 Outdoor Yoga Classes


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Here in San Diego, year round warm weather and a limited number of rainy days allows for the regular hosting of beautiful beachside yoga classes. Usually held on the grassy cliffs that overlook the water at multiple beaches up the coast, these classes are offered for at all different skill levels, including the beginner classes.

We recommend searching on Facebook or Instagram #sandiegobeachyoga to pinpoint dates, times, and locations as class change frequently based on who is in town. Alternatively, many studios offer outdoor classes outside their brick and mortar location, in courtyard plazas or gardens tucked behind their studio space. 

When doing yoga outdoor, we recommend wearing our classic Scrunched Bottom since they are loose to allow a light breeze to cool you down and also to protect your legs from the getting sunburned. Our favorite feature is the gusset, or karate crotch, which is an extra piece of fabric at the crotch of the pants that prevents tearing at the seams) that makes the Scrunched Bottom Yoga Pants ideal for nailing difficult yoga poses without worrying that about straining or tearing your pants. Not to mention, they are lightweight and they can easily be worn from day activities at the beach to evening dinner and drinks on the boardwalk. 


#3 Climbing/Hiking 

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If you like sightseeing with an adventurous twist, you'll love that San Diego boasts an active and vibrant climbing and hiking landscape and community. East San Diego offers many beautiful nature preserves that offer popular bouldering locations where climbers with gear can scale rock formations, including the Climber’s Loop at Mission Trails Park.

For more beginning climbers, there are more moderate trails in Mission Trails and throughout East County where hikers can enjoy flat terrain that doesn’t require gear. When rock climbing and bouldering, we recommend the Joggers since they have 4 pockets and a draw string that ties in the front, so you are able to put heavy equipment in your pockets. They also have a gusset which allows the pants to be flexible while scaling a wall or on a nice walk through the reserve. 


#4 Balboa Park/Sightseeing and Museums 

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In addition to athletic, outdoor activities, San Diego is known for its wealth of cityscape destinations that range from a vibrant downtown nightlife to daytime attractions such as museums and botanical gardens at our world famous Balboa Park.

Balboa Park was started by Kate Sessions, a botanist known as the "mother of Balboa Park". The beautiful buildings inside the park were originally created to be temporary for the World's Fair back in 1915-1927. After the World's Fair, the area was used as a training ground for the navy during World War 1 and World War 2. Afterwards, the city decided to keep the unique attraction to add value to San Diego's 1,200 acre Balboa Park. Today, Balboa Park is also home to the world famous San Diego Zoo which houses over 3,700 different animals and more than 650 animal species. 

Now, Balboa Park is a central location where many museums, galleries, and botanical gardens are clustered around a large plaza with beautiful architecture. Dress code for museums is casual, but many tourists and locals alike dress up for weekends at the museums and to lounge in the park. We all love to pair our Flared Capris with our favorite wedges or sandals and a blouse to take us from brunch to an art museum or dinner downtown! 


San Diego Has it All

From the beach, to the parks and everywhere in between, San Diego has something fun for everyone! See why so many San Diegans love living here and why so many have come or moved here for good. Did we mention the weather here is an average of 70 degrees all year round? Check out our top places to see in San Diego and tag us at #piyogapants on your adventures! Have fun!



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