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5 Reasons Why You Need to Pack Your PIYOGA Pants on Your Next Adventure

PI Yoga Pants Tips to Pack for your Summer Travel
Oksana, Hawaii, 📸 Eric from Yoga Hawaii Magazine


This is why you need to pack PI on your next travel! 👇


🙏 They're so comfortable


Long plane/car/bus ride ahead? PI Yoga Pants are super comfortable. It's like traveling in PJ's but in style (people won't judge you at the gate - most likely they will ask you where you got those pants (yes, it's happened to each of us before!)

✨ Lightweight

If you are planning on bringing lots of gifts (for others or for yourself), they don't take up much space and weigh only 8 ounces each!

💦 Quick drying

Have you ever been in the situation where you ran out of clothes to wear and you're stuck at the hostel with no washing machine? Hand wash your PI apparel and hang them to dry, they will be clean and ready super fast.

🐝 Bye bye mosquitoes bites

If you're like us, you have too many travel pictures with a beautiful tan but big red spots on your legs because of mosquito bites. Start wearing your PI Yoga Scrunched Bottom Pants at night. It will feel like you are wearing nothing but still keep the mosquitoes away from your leg.

🌍 Versatile & Cross-Cultural Approved

Dress them up or down. Planning on visiting religious places and wondering what to wear? PI Yoga Pants & Long Skirts have you covered! The best part? At night wear the same pants with a cute top & heels for a whole new style!


Shop our entire collection now & don't forget to pack them on your next adventure. 

ps: Take some pictures while you are traveling and tag us @piyogapants. We'd love to see where you are taking PI. Let's travel the world together 😍

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