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5 Reasons Why We Love the Sedona Yoga Festival

The Sedona Yoga Festival was a magical experience, see why in our:

Top 5 Reasons Why We Love the Sedona Yoga Festival

PiYoga Giant Amethyst at the Sedona Yoga Festival 2017

1. It Takes Place in One of the Most Spiritually Charged Locations in the Entire World

The magical city of Sedona has several energy vortexes scattered around town that bring the vibrant community together. Not to mention, the scenery is unbelievably beautiful. The festival is held at the Hilton Sedona with a perfect view on the majestic Bell Rock, one of the most popular energy vortexes in Sedona. Experiencing the sunset everyday on the red rocks was unforgettable.

Sedona Bell Rock Vortex Jumper Red Rock Tour with Yoga Girls Sedona Yoga Festival 2017 Pi Yoga Pants PIYOGA

2. The Sweetest People You Will Ever Meet Are There

We couldn't be more grateful for all the smiles, hugs and support we received at the Sedona Yoga Fesitval. Everyone we met we greeted with a hug and after spending four days at the festival, we had so many new friends from around the world! The mood was very welcoming and inviting. Yogis let their guard down and everyone we met had an open mind and open heart. If you think a one day yoga festival is amazing, think of how you will feel at the end of a four day yoga festival. We came back home feeling like we were on Cloud 9, ready to go back again next year!
"My daughter stopped by earlier and bought a pair!"
- Jane Sanders
Jane Sanders Bernie Sanders Democratic Nominee Sedona Yoga Festival PIYOGA Pi Yoga Pants Yoga Pants Arizona SYF

3. It is the Mecca of Yogi Influencers

From Tao Porchon-Lynch, the 98 year old yoga guru to Mark Whitwell, who took us on a journey into the heart of yoga, we can learn so much from these experienced yogis. A special workshop was also organized to provide useful and unique training when teaching yoga to those affected by PTSD.
Vortex Jumper the top of Bell Rock Sedona Yoga Festival SYF 2017 PIYOGA Pi Yoga Pants  Tribal Warrior Princess Festival Fashion Coachella SXSW

4. The Full Moon Rising

We were lucky enough to be in Sedona for the full moon rising! It rose the last night of the Sedona Yoga Festival.  It is a tradition in Sedona to gather at the Catheral Rock, one of the famous landmarks, for sunset and to celebrate life with a full moon drum ceremony. This was an intergalactic experience and life lovers of all ages made the hike to participate. Not only were we able to experience one of the most magical natural events but we also made great connections with like-minded people dancing into the night.

The next morning some of our new friends from the drum circle took us to climb Bell Rock with the one and only Vortex Jumper, Peter Gertsen. Best. Hike. Ever. He's very organized and offers free tours everyday around Sedona, you can contact him HERE if you are ever in the area.
Vortex Jumper the top of Bell Rock Sedona Yoga Festival SYF 2017 PIYOGA Pi Yoga Pants  Sedona Arizona Spiritual Vortex Where to Hike in Sedona Bell Rock

5. It's the Ultimate Yogi Shopping Spree

The diversity of unique yoga apparel from around the world in the entryways to the classes at the Sedona Yoga Festival had us on a shopping spree! You know those kids in candy shops who go goo-goo-ga-ga for all the different color candies? That was us in Sedona. With so many cute pants, jewelry, and new yogi fashion trends it was shop till you drop. Make sure to spend a few hours in town to go window shopping too. Sedona is a spiritual mecca with the fashion trends to match. When you're in town make sure to stop by Urban Gypsies Boutique for their bohemian apparel and to find PIYOGA on the racks!

The Sedona Yoga Festival was a first for us and before it ended we knew all too well that we would be here again next year. We cannot wait to see all those beautiful and smiley faces again and go explore more this amazing part of Arizona. We highly recommend that you join us next year. And guess what?! You can get your early bird ticket now.
Is the Vortex Jumper Crazy or Genius? Where to Hike in Sedona, Arizona. Organized Hiking Tours in Sedona, Arizona, AZ Energy Vortex Sedona Yoga Festival 2017 SYF2017 PIYOGA Pi Yoga Pants BohemianTravelGirl
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