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Pockets, the key to Women Empowerment

PI Yoga Pants all have pockets. Women empowerment through pockets. Deep pockets that will fit your cell phone and keys

Did you know?

Originally ‚Äėpenny pockets‚Äô or ‚Äėfake pockets‚Äô were designed to keep women repressed?

Racked journalist Chelsea Summers sums this up and says:

‚ÄúThe less women could carry, the less freedom they had.‚ÄĚ (1)

It turns out pockets equate to freedom and historically women haven’t had that much freedom. Before the 17th century, everyone carried their smaller belongings in bags - even men! Then, in the 17th century, men got pockets but no such luck for women. Women were forced to wear a small tied on pocket under their garments, which was basically useless because it was completely inaccessible! (2)

I couldn’t believe my ears when I first heard this at an event last weekend in Long Beach. This WHOLE TIME we have been adding huge pockets to our PI pants, our shorts, dresses, and even skirts! Little did I know that this was part of a movement in the direction of our mission with women empowerment. It just goes to show how when you are on the right path, everything aligns for a reason.

When selling PI at events, I always hear how happy people are to find clothes with pockets! It’s the second thing people say to their friend when they brag about their new PI pants and it gets them excited about all our pockets, too! Now, learning about how pockets are empowering makes my heart melt that much more and makes me want to add them to even MORE items we sell.

Our mission at PI is to empower women and men to feel comfortable and confidence on and off their yoga mat. We specialize in petite, tall, regular, large, and plus size yoga pants… WITH POCKETS.


Did you know?

Our NEW Short Wrap Skirt has two deep pockets? Our Perfect Travel dress does too!

YES ‚Äď we tested the pockets with our cell phones and NO your phone will not poke out!


Did you know?

The Women’s fashion industry is predominantly run by men and they are continuously making a conscious effort to reduce the functionality of our clothes so that our clothes are focus on our form & aesthetic. (1)

Let’s not live in the past! We are in the 21st century and women are working now more competitively in the market than every before. When your pants have small pockets, they are reinforcing stereotypes about women being objects of desire, worrying more about what they look like versus their needs as equal members of society.


PI is a Woman Founded & Woman Run business

All of our clothes have been tested on many different body types & we take our customer feedback into consideration with every item we make.

How are men supposed to know what it feels like to not have pockets when they have had them on their pants (and shirts!) forever?

That’s also why our bras are loved by so many, as well! How is a man supposed to know how a bra feels if he has never needed to wear one before?


Women in Business - PI Yoga Pants are the pants with a purpose - AND POCKETS

What are your thoughts on pockets?

Where would you like to see pockets on your clothes?

As a woman run business we desire to give YOU what you want- so let us know!


Email with your suggestion now, and you might see them implemented in our next collection!



Everything we sell that has Pockets:

Scrunched Bottom Pants - 1 big pocket

Straight Leg Pants - 1 big pocket

Shorts - 2 big pockets

Culottes - 2 big pockets

Flares & Capris - 2 big pockets

Skirts & Dresses - 2 big pockets







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