Smurf on my Surfboard - Kids

Smurf on my Surfboard - Kids

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Pi Yoga Pants are Boutique Lounge & Yoga Pants with a Purpose

"Pi Yoga Pants are my most comfortable pair of yoga pants!"

Made with Love from the Tropical Shores of Bali

We were inspired by our travels around the world to create a brand that gives and gives back.

Pi Yoga Pants are designed for everyone. They are ideal for kids aged 6 to 10. The ankle is elastic so the pants can be pulled into capris- or to fit those who are a little shorter. No matter how big, tall, short, or thin you are, Pi Yoga Pants are made for YOU!

While we were in Bali we fell in love with diving and learning more and more about sea turtle conservation. Sea Turtles can travel up to 12,000 miles in one year and often make the route from Bali, to Hawaii, to San Diego, California. Our home town. We then understood how an impact in one part of the world can have a GLOBAL impact on sea turtle conservation!

We are proud that 10% of net profits go towards sea turtle conservation in Bali and we believe we can make a positive difference in this world.

Pi Yoga Pants are made with 100% Rayon, a super lightweight material that has been tested in 98 degree yoga classes to absorb moisture and keep your body cool when things get hot. They are designed to withstand the weather in Bali with 100 degree heat and 99% humidity, all while protecting your skin and letting it breathe. The nice thing about Pi Yoga Pants is that after you leave class you will feel the cool outside breeze come up through the ankle and cool down your body. Within 30 minutes of class your pants will be completely dry again and the pores on your legs will be thankful you didn't suffocate them with tight pants!

Rayon is a premium material that is flame retardant, but it is not synthetic, does not build up static electricity, and does not pill like cotton.

Please care for your Pi Yoga Pants well to keep them in their best condition. Always hand wash them with cold water and hang them to dry. Since they are Rayon they will dry a LOT faster than your Cotton Clothes! 

We ship directly from San Diego, California so you can expect your Pi Yoga Pants in 2-5 business days.

All of our products come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so you can feel confident in your purchase!

Enjoy your taste of Paradise with Pi Yoga Pants!

One love.



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