PIYOGA off the shoulder sweater yoga cover up beach creme off white bohemian
PIYOGA off the shoulder sweater yoga cover up beach creme off white bohemian
PIYOGA off the shoulder sweater yoga cover up beach creme off white bohemian
PIYOGA off the shoulder sweater yoga cover up beach creme off white bohemian
PIYOGA off the shoulder sweater yoga cover up beach creme off white bohemian

Off the Shoulder Sweater - Creme Brulee

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The Off the Shoulder Sweater is cute, breezy and the easy answer to dressing up any outfit. 
These unique off the shoulder sweaters are perfect for travel and everyday wear. They are light weight and pair perfectly with PIYOGA pants to complete the ultimate bohemian goddess look. 
They're also perfect for after yoga to keep your body temperature warm on a chilly evening after class. 
Not to mention, your sweaty armpits won't stink up this sweater because the material isn't all up in there. ;)
Try it out for yourself with our money back guarantee.
Not only are they convenient and beautiful, but they can we worn in multiple ways, check it out:
1 Around the Neck
Simply grab the Off the Shoulder Sweater in the middle and drape it around your neck and let it hang long and loose. 
2. Big & Fluffy
Fold the Off the Shoulder Sweater over in half and make a triangle, then grab each end of it and wrap it around your neck so that the “point” of the triangle hangs down in front of you. Fluff it out for extra snuggleness!
3. Like a Cap
All Kids Everywhere "YES!"
4. Like a Turtleneck
Just wrap the Off the Shoulder Sweater around your neck and pull the ends down tightly. Don’t choke yourself though, that would not be good. 
5. The Headscarf
This headscarf is PERFECT for really cold days… especially when you are wearing it with a warm and fuzzy jacket. 
6. The Shawl
This is the classiest of classy ways to wear it. Just drape it over your arms. You know, like a shawl. 
7. The Faux Wrap
Fold the Off the Shoulder Sweater in half and make a triangle. Hang it over your shoulders and then take the point underneath your arms and tie it behind you.
8. The Faux Snood
Simply Wrap the Off the Shoulder Sweater continuously around your heck. Similar to a snood.
9. Like a Blanket
Get cozy!
10. Like a Faux Infinity Scarf
Twist the Off the Shoulder Sweater onto itself to it's thinner, then tie the ends together making one long circle/loop scarp. Then wrap it around your head once or twice to create the illusion that you're actually wearing an infinity scarf.
11. Like a Poncho
The easiest one! Just put your head through the middle and watch the Off the Shoulder Sweater effortlessly drape across your shoulders.


PI is a boutique line of travel, lounge, and yoga apparel.

They are handmade with love from the tropical shores of Bali and 10% of net profits are donated back to sea turtle conservation efforts around the world.

Our Mission is simple.

We strive to empower women of all shapes and sizes to feel comfortable and confident on and off their yoga mat.

Our Story.

I was inspired by my travels around the world to create a brand that gives back to the community and environment in Bali.

While I was living in Bali I met a seamstress and was inspired by how she had started her business from scratch. She was very ambitious and showed me it was possible to start a business of my own and to empower other women by working together. Since then, the message of women empowerment has become deeply rooted in the PIYOGA mission and to this day her and her daughter still make the pants.

Bali is a beautiful gem with so much to offer, and with me being from California I was naturally drawn to the ocean. I picked up diving and fell in love when I swam with a sea turtle for my very first time!

However, diving also showed me a closer look into the harsh reality of what life is like under the sea. With coral bleaching, dynamite fishing, and pollution visibly causing a problem in the ocean it was obvious that this was where I needed to help. PIYOGA proudly donates 10% of net profits back to sea turtle conservation efforts with our vision to expand efforts globally.

At this point the idea of starting a business seemed like an unattainable dream, but I asked myself this question. "If I could start any business, what would my intentions be?" My intentions were clear. To create a conscious brand that would empower women, contribute to conservation, and inspire myself and others to pursue our dreams.

Thus, where the name PI came from. Like the number pi that goes on forever, the intention of PI is to "continue infinitely in the direction of your dreams."



100% Cotton. 

Care Instructions.

Please care for your PI apparel to keep them in their best condition. Always hand wash them with cold water and hang them to dry. 


For Domestic USA orders we ship using Amazon Fulfillment which has 27 locations throughout the US to ensure the fastest delivery. You can expect your PIYOGA pants in 2-5 business days. For international order delivery can take 5-21 days depending on customs.

All of our products come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

If you ever have a question or concern please email us immediately at info@piyogapants.com

Enjoy your taste of Paradise!

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