Rose Quartz Mala

$ 56.00 USD
$ 56.00 USD



Mala Prayer Beads Necklace

Materials: Rudraksha Seeds and Rose Quartz



Rudraksha Seeds are commonly used on malas, these seeds contain a powerful vibration that protects against negative energies as well as radiation from modern technologies. They are extremely beneficial for meditation and create a peaceful environment. This sacred seed emits a protective energy that enables you to achieve a greater potential. 

Rose Quartz is heralded as the love stone and used to connect to the heart chakra. Embrace this stone to calm a heavy heart as times may feel uncertain and know that love will prevail. Keep this stone in your pocket to remind you to always choose love.  


108 UNIQUE gems, stones, and Rudraksha seeds. 108 is a sacred number in many Eastern Spiritual paths, and assist the practitioner in focusing on the sounds, vibration and intention of what is being said which makes them great for mantra, meditation or prayer.

MEDITATE with your mala, or wear it out to match your yoga outfit.

SUSTAINABLE - PIYOGA is premium lifestyle clothing company that offers sustainable clothing and jewelry for yoga, travel, and the outdoor enthusiast.

HANDMADE IN BALI - Handmade with Love from the Tropical Shores of Bali. We are proud to donate 10% of net profits towards sea turtle conservation in Bali and we believe we can make a positive difference in this world.

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By shopping PI you are supporting a small business with a dream to make a difference. 10% of net profits go to sea turtle and ocean conservation efforts. Learn more here.

PIYOGA Pants are designed by women for men and women. Our mission is to empower men and women of ALL body shapes and sizes to feel confident on and off their mat.

Designed and shipped from San Diego, California. Handmade with love in Bali.

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Enjoy your piece of Paradise!


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