PI Day (March 14 or 3.14) is near and dear to our hearts here at PIYOGA.

The math symbol PI goes on forever and I chose the name PI because I wanted to be able to inspire women (and myself!) to continue infinitely in the direction of our dreams.

Don't let anything stop you!

You are capable of massive success, happiness, abundance, love and joy in your life.

You are worthy of achieving and living your dream life!

I wanted PIYOGA to be a vessel to empower you to feel comfortable and confident in your own skin so you can fearlessly chase your dream infinitely, like PI, that goes on forever!

I know I have met many of you in person over the years and I hope that after meeting you at an event, you were able to feel a bit of the magical, positive energy. I hope that you are able to harness that energy to personify your dreams into reality!

... Or maybe you just liked our cute pants! 😉

Either way, I want to thank you for being apart of the journey and to celebrate we have some fun promotions so you can celebrate PI Day with some new PIYOGA pants!


PIYOGA Pants in Petite, Tall, Large and Plus Size