Top 3 Yoga Affirmations

that I’ve Received from a Yoga Class

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Do you ever attend a yoga class and feel like you just finished 5 hours of therapy followed by a nap? ME TOO. That’s why I do yoga.

Yoga Teachers have a way of saying things so on point that sometimes it makes you wonder – “Are they in my head?”

Until you realize, we’re all going through it. The madness, the chaos, the indirect negativity that somehow finds a way to slip through the cracks, no matter how much you try to keep your positive spirits up. WELL, truth be told, if the negativity has slipped through the cracks, don’t worry! There is an easy way out. Yes, you guessed it, you’re overdue for a yoga class.

In case you only have 5 minutes though, take a quick peek at some of my favorite quotes from my yoga experiences and maybe they can help add a little OM to your day, or next yoga practice.


  1. “Stop looking around you, this practice is about YOU. When practicing, don’t look beyond the four corners of your mat. Close your eyes. Look within. It’s not about what other people are doing, it’s about how you feel.” -Shakti Fest 2018

Seriously – TRY IT. Don’t look at anyone. Don’t even look at yourself. Stop judging everyone. Stop judging yourself! Feel yourself, better yet, LOVE yourself. Love the feeling of just being YOU.

  1. “The light in me, honors and sees the light in each one of you”

It’s so commonly said, but also so commonly not taken with you through your day. When was the last time you walked down the street and saw the light in everyone you looked at? Maybe never. Yet when they say this at the end of a yoga class you feel like you understand and have unconditional love for everyone in the classroom. How would your life be different if you saw everyone else (outside of yoga) in the same light? Think about it…

  1. “You are on the right path. The universe has a way of making sure everything will work out the way it is supposed to.”

Oh what a joy to hear! And if someone else says it, it must be true – right? How easy it is to get trapped in the vortex of daily annoyances and how hard it is to get out of that mindset to see the big picture. Why does everything get so much easier when someone tells you it’s going to be ok? My guess, is that we all just need a little more support and sometimes it takes someone else recognizing this to remind us that it’s all going to be good, good, good!


What is something a teacher said that stuck to you? We all have those moments, those quotes, that capture and move us. Please feel free to share your experience or quote with us at for your chance to be featured in the extended version of this blog post!