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Tall Women’s Yoga Pants - for ladies up to 6’1” tall - Seriously!

by Larissa Miller 08 Apr 2019

PI Yoga Pants for Tall Ladies and Women

“I can’t believe they actually fit. Nothing ever fits me!” – Toronto Yoga Show 2019

Tall ladies, the universe has been listening to your request for tall yoga pants and it has delivered.

Yes, the universe also heard your request for your knight in shining armor to appear at your favorite coffee shop and to win the lottery, but it thought you would be better off with some tall yoga pants in your life first. (Don’t worry, the universe has the other things planned in the near future, too). 😉


Did you know our Regular Scrunched Bottom Yoga Pants can be worn to fit anyone up to 6’ 1” tall? Well, now you know!

The best moment is when I see a pretty lady, walking down the street, looking at our pants with awe, and she almost walks away, but then I stop her. She says “those pants will never fit me” and all I have to do is hold them up to her waist for her to ALMOST be convinced. She looks at me wearily, she’s tried to find tall pants so many times, what makes this time any different? Hopeful, she takes the pants off the hanger and slips them on. A perfect fit! Happy as can be she pays for them and is on her merry way with 3 pairs, as she KNOWS they fit her! Such a sweet success!

I share this with you because selling online comes with limitations. I wish you could be there with me when I sell at events to see the reaction of so many women when they find clothes that actually fit them correctly.

I was the same way. That’s why I started PI! 

I remember I was traveling through Cambodia and got to Angkor Wat. I had just bought a dress that the man said would definitely be appropriate for the temple as the dress had to cover my knees for me to be allowed in. Convinced, I bought the dress.

However, being the tall 5’7” lady that I am, the dress came up half way on my thighs! Definitely not appropriate and they turned me down when I got to the top of the temple entrance.

In a panic, I bought the first pair of pants I could from a street vendor. They were super cute and I was thinking how could I go wrong with pants? Well it went wrong, way wrong.

They were super short, super narrow, and the rope like draw string cut across my body in an unflattering way. Regardless, they worked for the moment and I was able to see the temple. However, it was then that I realized the struggle of being a tall lady. We want to wear cute clothes too!

My intention when designing the Scrunched Bottom Yoga Pants size 0-12 was to make them for us taller ladies, as there are not a lot of pants like this that are tall enough for us! I was fed up.

But hey, apparently the petite ladies are fed up too! See our article HERE about our petite line. 


Long story short, if you are taller you don’t have to worry when it comes to your PI pants. They’ll fit you! More than that, you’ll love them.


 We currently offer the following pants for taller ladies: 

  1. Scrunched Bottom Pants (size 0-12 up to 6’1” tall) SHOP HERE
  2. Tall Straight Leg (size 0-10 up to 5’11”) SHOP HERE
  3. Culottes (size 0-12 up to 6’2" tall) SHOP HERE
  4. Shorts (size 0-12 up to 6’2” tall) SHOP HERE
  5. Flares (size 0-12 up to 5’8” tall) SHOP HERE


Feel free to leave me your comments and suggestions on sizing HERE




With love & gratitude



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