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Our First Yoga Retreat – Baja California

by Larissa Miller 19 Jan 2018

By Katie from The Tandem Travelers

I had been wanting to go on a YOGA retreat for quite some time, and while many of the international yoga retreat destinations sounded OM-azing, I just didn’t think it was the best option for me at this point. So, with a lot of research and consideration we opted to go international, but so close to home, in BAJA! We were set, and excited for our “Elemental Yoga Retreat.”

We met up with Cheyanne and Regina (who were the leaders and facilitators of the retreat) and the other guests. We drove down south (coast of Baja just south of Rosarito) on a Friday afternoon and arrived at our “Casa Mil Flores.” It is a beautiful ocean-front home rental with guest cottages connected by a pool.

baja yoga retreat

We enjoyed meeting the other guests and getting to know them a bit on the drive down. We met some other new guests once we arrived at our casa, and we walked around and got acquainted with our weekend home. We had an opening circle to introduce ourselves to each other and set the stage of intention for our weekend Baja Yoga Retreat. In the evening we practiced our first yoga session with Regina. Later we enjoyed an amazing dinner prepared by a private chef and enjoyed making dreamcatchers.

On Saturday, we enjoyed a morning yoga flow with Lauren (earth theme) before eating breakfast and getting ready to head to Valle de Guadalupe for a garden and wine tour and our farm to table lunch and wine tasting. We enjoyed our drive back and enjoyed some yummy tacos at a local stand. We decompressed, showered, enjoyed some pool time and practiced our evening yoga session with Nadia (fire theme). We then enjoyed another scrumptious and unique dinner by our private chef. Later we enjoyed a releasing ceremony by Regina and James and a music jam session by Cheyanne.

baja yoga retreat

On Sunday, we chilled out to a morning meditation with Regina (water theme). After breakfast, we had a DIY aroma therapy station, and we cleaned up and packed the cars and headed to Rosarito where we had the option to ride horses on the beach or hang out on the beach and get massages and relax. We really enjoyed our acro-yoga practice with Cheyanne and our water worship workshop with Ian. We came together for our closing ceremony and tunnel of love. There were a lot of beautiful emotions that came up for many of us, as we shared our thoughts and love with each other, our new yoga tribe and Kula.

Some of the high points for me during the retreat were simply being around yogis who had a special vibe about them, connecting with a couple who serve in the military (you know I love my fellow military folks), gaining confidence and inspiration to start teaching yoga on my own from the other more experienced yogis, chatting with Cheyanne and a few others who were kind enough to share some insight regarding entrepreneurship, business, and social media, the fun yogi inspired gift bag with awesome treats, the meditation with Regina that had me crying happy tears, the fun jam out session where we got to see Cheyanne and her passion for her beautifully written songs that she sang for us and her skills on guitar, all the yummy food from the amazing chef and our amazing guest chef James, the day trip to the winery and fresh garden vegetables lunch, the authentic road side taco stand and just hanging out with our friends and some of the locals, all the yoga classes where I got to experience other peoples’ yoga teaching styles and flare, all the insight and education on the water element and Dr. Emoto (who I learned about years ago, but it was a nice reminder of his experiment, and I recommend anyone google and learn about him), connecting with Dan and relaxing with him, doing acro yoga with him was really special for me, because I felt supported by him, and like he was lifting me up to fly like a free bird by the ocean.

baja yoga retreat


We really enjoyed learning how Cheyanne partners with local entrepreneurs that embody community, culture, and doing good for the world. She is a friend and ambassador for Pi Yoga pants, and I learned that they help save sea turtles and conserve the ocean and sea life! I love this, and their pants are super comfy, offering so many beautiful designs! Since we attended this retreat in April of 2017, I have become a Pi Yoga pants ambassador myself! I really enjoyed participating and spreading the word about the recent Pi Yoga pants #flowinto2018 PIYOGA Yoga Challenge on Instagram! Check them out @piyogapants or on their website: https://www.piyogapants.com/   If you buy a pair of pants, you can use our code: thetandemtravelers for 10% off!

PIYOGA pants

Cheyanne wearing PIYOGA pants - Save The Sea Turtles 

Lastly, it was just the whole experience of new faces, new auras, yoga, ocean, dining, relaxation, new experiences, and elemental energy that filled us up with so much love, peace, joy, and gratitude. They closed with a beautiful tunnel of love ceremony that had me overflowing with emotions and love, where we were gifted a beautiful pashmina.

This yoga retreat was just what we needed. We were surrounded by beautiful souls that all had a love for yoga and life, we made new friends, learned from others, and enjoyed all the amazing activities for our weekend.  We allowed our emotions to flow out with others in a safe and welcoming setting surrounded by the beautiful Baja ocean. We recommend this retreat to anyone wanting something short and sweet, close to San Diego, but with the feel of the international Mexican culture and love infused into your get-away. Happy Healthy Existence has another retreat coming up this April in Baja again at a new house. Check it out at: @happyhealthyexistence on Facebook or Instagram. Let Happy Healthy Existence/Cheyanne Abolt know that The Tandem Travelers/Katie and Dan referred you!

Katie & Dan aka “The Tandem Travelers,” are a wanderlusting couple from San Diego, California with a passion for living their best life now.  Back in 2010, after discovering their mutual passion for food and travel hacking, they set out to explore the world together.  Their education and experiences during these adventures can only be described as life changing.  Long weekend getaways turned into opportunities to learn new things about themselves and the possibilities for their lives together!  Now, with the recent launch of their travel lifestyle news and reviews business, their goal is to use this platform to inspire and inform those around them by sharing their story, travel and lifestyle resources and business reviews.  Their mission is to educate and positively impact the hearts and minds of their local and global family, by sharing insights and resources in the spirit of collaboration and community! The Tandem Traveler’s believe that teamwork is the dreamwork.  They hope that you will join them on their journey of lifelong self-discovery.

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