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Why Yoga Should be for Every BODY

by Larissa Miller 13 Feb 2022


PI Yoga Pants - Scrunched Bottom - Harem Pants - Loose Yoga Pants - Beach wear - Lightweight - Comfortable - all sizes

Yoga is not about touching your toes or wearing tight yoga pants. 

PIYOGA is revolutionizing the yoga wear industry. 

Have you ever wanted to practice yoga but you’ve always thought yoga isn’t for you? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to try because you’ve heard how amazing it is but never got around to doing it? September is National Yoga Month and what better time to finally hop on the mat and to go against all the stereotypes the current yoga industry is carrying. It's time to reconnect to your intentions and your true self. This whole month is dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle and bringing awareness to the benefits of yoga.

I was amazed to see the benefits of a regular yoga practice. Once I realized how good yoga made me feel I tried to get everyone to do it. The reactions I got were shocking. - Larissa Miller, Owner of PI

Yoga is an ancient philosophy reconnecting the body to the mind, and allowing you to step into your true nature. Yet lately it has become an industry showing off the ‘perfect’ yoga body being flexible, fit…..and Instagram famous.

We realized that many people were too self-conscious about going to a yoga class because they believed they were not flexible nor fit enough. We’ve heard moms, girlfriends and first-timer guy friends complaining about not knowing what to wear to go to yoga because there was no way they would put on the popular tight yoga pants. We knew something needed to be done.

After doing some research, we realized that most yoga pants companies would only make pants up to size 12. Did you know the average American is a size 16? So where do the rest of us fit in? Yoga is for everyone yet the industry limits its access. We wanted to find a way for women & men of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities to feel accepted by and a part of the conscious yoga community and to encourage them to hop on their mat.

It started with designing the most comfortable and form flattering yoga pants. Handmade in Bali, they are not only great for yoga, they are ideal for traveling and lounging. We like to call them the Sisterhood of the Traveling Yoga Pants. They really do seem to fit just about everyone who tries them on. 

PI is on a mission to empower women and men to feel confident and comfortable on and off their yoga mat. All of our photoshoots are made with REAL people. From first timers to advanced yogis, everyone is welcomed. If you are interested in joining our next photoshoot, take a look here

We have a lot of people coming to our photoshoots who have never been in front of the camera like this before. They start off feeling shy and uneasy. We can almost hear them yelling in their head “why am I here?” but then as the shoot goes on they become more and more confident. They end up laughing and owning their body and loving all the pictures. It’s priceless.

PI Yoga Pants for everybody harem loose lightweight boho beach cover up photoshoots

After seeing the demand of plus-size yoga pants increasing, we recently launched a US size 18-24 line and is bridging the gap, offering form-flattering and comfortable pants from a size 0 to 24 as well as a petite line for shorter ladies.

Never done yoga and always thought “this isn’t for me?” – give it a try and start seeing the benefits of a regular practice on your body & mind. 

Happy National Month of Yoga 


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