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❄ The NEW Winter Collection is finally here ! ❄
PI Yoga Pants New Winter Collection Boho Loose Harem Pants

🐘 Blue Boutique Elephants
PI Yoga Pants - Blue Boutique Elephants - Loose Lightweight Comfortable with Pockets Harem Pants Lounge Dress Up Boho
Scrunched Bottom Size 0-12 Size Petite 0-12 - Size 12-16 
▶ This Boutique Elephants print is easy to dress up! Wear it with a jacket, scarf & boots for the ultimate Winter Look! 

🌺 Fancy in Florals 
PI Yoga Pants - Fancy in Florals - Loose Lightweight Comfortable Yoga Pants with Pockets for Every Body types
Scrunched Bottom Size 0-12 - Size Petite 0-12 - Size 12-16
The combination of the dark blue and beige flowers will be your next favorite look to be comfortable & fancy at the same time! 🙏
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