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Happy 2018! Looking back on the Top 5 Lessons from 2017

by Larissa Miller 01 Jan 2018

Where to begin? 2017 is already over. It feels like that time has been flying by, but it also seems impossible to fit all that we have accomplished in just 12 months...

Bali traveling scooters PIYOGA yoga pants


2017 I started traveling in South America and kept the travel going all year long visiting Asia for the first time and exploring more of the U.S. I will forever remember that one trip exploring the remote Rosa Island in California with an awesome group of friends, climbing up Bell Rock in Arizona, hiking and camping with new friends, pitching a tent on top of mountains in Patagonia, hiking Mt Fuji in not-so-favorable conditions (let's face it, it was probably one of the hardest things I've done!), swimming with sea turtles for the first time in the Caribbean and getting my diving certification (apparently it is kind of a job requirement when saving the sea turtles...).

snorkeling sea turtles Caribbean


It was the year of the opportunities. In January I had a new perspective and was looking to create the next chapter of my life. It could have gone in very different directions but I took the time to focus on myself and on my needs. To listen to what I really wanted to do with my life and be open to what life brings on instead of just following the mold. As a result I am now working with my best friend in a field that I am passionate about, traveling the world 3/4 of the time and keeping life as exciting as possible. 

Sedona Yoga Festival PIYOGA yoga pants


I decided to focus on health and well-being. I started being more conscious about what I am eating and purchasing. I cut out meat from my diet for ecological and health reasons. I started being more aware of healthy and unhealthy habits. I took greater care of my body, was more active and practiced more yoga and meditation. I wanted to focus on being open to explore new things, as many new opportunities show up when you are on the road traveling!  

healthy food PIYOGA yoga pants


Live in the moment. The one book I have been referencing the most throughout the year will be The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. Even though I had the hardest time to truly understand every concept, and I am pretty sure I should reread it pretty soon, it has been eye-opening in regards to how important it is to enjoy the present moment and detach yourself from thoughts that brings you back in the past or worry you about what hasn't happened yet. Just be here, now! This simple concept can be the hardest to apply sometimes. 

Bali Diving Friends


This awesome life wouldn't be the same without all the heart warming relationships.

I couldn't be more grateful for you Larissa - I am always amazed to see how perfectly we work and interact together <3

I am so happy to find a home and family in different part of the world and to feel so welcomed everywhere I go. 

surfboard bali photography friends

I can't wait to travel to more yoga festival and to see the new and familiar smiling faces along the way!

If 2018 is half as good as 2017 I will consider myself very lucky! Funny enough it looks like every year is beating the previous one, so bring it on 2018 - I'm ready for you! 



With love & gratitude,



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