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Love is in the air... 

All of a sudden life turned pink. We have the lovers excited to be spending the night together looking for a last minute gift. The single ones that are feeling a bit anxious about spending the night by themselves. The ones who have no idea what day it is... 

Instead of feeling the pressure of that night, let's take a breath and ask ourselves... what is love to me? What does it really mean to be in love? 

Having a day dedicated to love is awesome. A reminder that Love is all around us and needs to be cherished. Yes! And let's cherish it every other day too! It starts with first loving ourselves. Deeply and truly. Sharing love with others around us is so magical, but in order to be able to share this love, we need to nurture it inside ourselves, too. 

 "You owe yourself the love that you so freely give to other people"

Even if it seems pretty logical, it takes practice. Have you realized how supportive we can be with our friends and loved ones but we can be so judgmental about our own actions? We are ready to forgive them for everything and buy a mountain of gifts to make someone else feel good but when it comes to ourselves, we not only don't do half of that but even worse we can be pretty mean to ourselves and we easily change the way we talk: "I should have done better". "Gosh, I'm so stupid."

When is the last time you bought yourself a present and really considered it as a gift because you deserve it? When is the last time you really felt proud of yourself and said it?

Today is the perfect day to start. Take the time to think about all the good qualities that makes you unique and beautiful... and keep doing it every. single. day. Don't put unreasonable pressure on yourself. If you fail? Be kind to yourself and start again!

Treat yourself like the most important person in your life. 

Take a look at your day and your priorities. Make sure they are aligned with who you want to be. Treat yourself with love in all your actions. That also means enough sleep, healthy eating, low stress and quality "me time".  

Truly embrace who you are. Your bright and shiny side as well as your shadows. If you are not having a good day, it's ok, too. Accept your emotions. Don't get stuck in a downward spiral - acknowledge how you feel and let it go. 

Take a big breath. Before sharing the love with others, make sure to share the love with yourself first. It will have such a positive and beautiful impact on your life and you will feel even more love for others. 

Remember... You are perfectly imperfect. 

 "Let all that we do, be done in love" 

Happy Valentine's Day and every other day <3