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7 Reasons to Shop Small on Small Business Saturday

by Larissa Miller 28 Nov 2020

(From left to right: Cassandra, Karin, Larissa)

This holiday season, shopping for gifts for your loved ones can be an overwhelming challenge with so many online options and limited choices to shop in person. However- more than ever, if you are able to do so, it’s important to support small and local businesses that are trying to navigate a new reality. We’d like to take a chance to introduce our team, where we live, and what we stand for and do to give back, and finish off with 7 reasons why it's important to support small businesses in general! 

Behind the scenes, PIYOGA is just the three hard-working women pictured above. Everything from the website, the packaging, the product development, inventory management, behind the scenes operations to maintain the business, and packing and shipping is directly coordinated and executed by one of the three ladies you see pictured here! We do not have supplemental staff or a factory that we rely on to make things happen, and as such, put a lot of time and love into every single order and customer service interaction that our awesome community sees on the front end. We all live in San Diego and encourage people nearby to shop local and support small businesses in the area. 

As such, our business is both woman-founded and woman-run. Larissa Miller founded the business after traveling in Bali, Indonesia, deciding to take control of her destiny and build a brand centered on giving back to the community, the environment, and empowering both women and men to have the confidence to get back on their yoga mats. 

It’s a central mission and goal to both Larissa and the rest of the team to make sure that everything we do gives back, and that we make our mark in reducing waste and helping marine life. We have completely switched over to sustainable packaging and will always contribute 10% of our proceeds to Sea Turtle conservation! 

Please read on for our 7 reasons why supporting small businesses should become a year-round habit! 

1. When you support small businesses, you're supporting a dream.

We're not in it to fuel corporate America. We're in it because we hope to make a difference. To leave a lasting positing impact on our society and look out for the greater good, not Wall Street.

2. Small Businesses are the heartbeat of your neighborhood, the spine of your local economy, and the spirit of your town.

If you're in San Diego, you feel it. PI is everywhere. Our mission is strong and heard. Our voice says "Empower each other" and our actions are louder than works. Prove to the younger generation that their voice can be heard, too.

3. Every time you spend money, you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want to live in.

Make it count. Do you want more brands that don't care about the environment or do you want more brands that strive for positive change? Your money matters, and so you do. Make yourself heard.

4. Small Businesses don't have huge margins for marketing budgets. Support local businesses by liking, commenting, or sharing their work.

Small Businesses are started on sweat, tears, ups, and downs. Many are started on life savings and they are making what they can to survive. Your sharing voice of support and word of mouth is a free way to say THANK YOU for the small businesses in your community and support the dream that anyone can do anything!

5. When you buy from a small business, an ACTUAL person does a little happy dance.

No joke. We would share a video with you but it's pretty embarrassing. :p

6. You can actually find something unique.

Looking for that one-of-a-kind gift at a big department store on Black Friday? I'm sure you will find something truly unique. *hint of sarcasm* Every small business has a story, and what better way to share it than when someone says "That's so cute! Where did you get it?"

7. You believe in the love that comes out of small businesses.

When was the last time a sales person from a corporate store gave you a hug for buying something? When we do event in person, we make sure to give EVERY PERSON a hug who supports our dream. We do it because we love you. We do it because we are grateful for you for empowering us to follow our dreams and never give up. We do it because we are thankful you believe in us, sometimes more than we believe in ourselves. It's not an easy road but your support is more appreciate than you will ever know.


With Gratitude,



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