1. Doing a headstand on top of the Pyramids in Egypt
  2. Flying on an airplane to New Zealand
  3. Running through the rain to get to Yoga Barn in Bali
  4. Skipping from one stage to another at South by Southwest
  5. Meeting your boyfriends Mom
  6. Before going skinny dipping in the Pacific Ocean
  7. After going skinny dipping in the Pacific Ocean
  8. Running to the grocery after running out of milk for breakfast
  9. Riding the gondolas down the canals of Venice
  10. Playing with a cute lost puppy that ended up on your doorstep
  11. Balancing in Warrior 3 on a rooftop in Aruba
  12. Vegging out on the couch 3 days before your period
  13. Running through a field of Sunflowers in Montana
  14. Cleaning up the beach in Maui underneath a rainbow
  15. When you are being attacked by 100 mosquitoes all at once
  16. When you want to have the coolest yoga pants at the yoga party
  17. Taking a machete to a coconut so you can get to the sweet nectar
  18. Saving lives as a nurse and having the patients smile when you wear fun pants
  19. Kick asana with the world-famous karate teacher in Japan
  20. When you don’t want to get a bad sunburn in Australia because they have no ozone layer
  21. Doing the splits for your first time in the sand at the beach in Miami
  22. Reading your favorite book in a hammock overlooking the cliff side sunset over the ocean in Costa Rica
  23. When you are still looking hot but nothing else fits you because you are 5 months pregnant
  24. Finding out you won the lottery right after you get out of yoga
  25. When you only want to pack one pair of pants for your holiday vacation because you don’t want to bring a carry on
  26. When you don’t feel like wearing pants because secretly you just want to be naked
  27. When you’re feeling like nothing is going right
  28. When you want everything to go right
  29. When you want magic to happen
  30. When the person you love tells you “I love you” because you look so happy in your comfy pants



 …Where would you wear them?