In this difficult time, we are here as a community to support each other and inspire each other to grow while the world is healing together. ✨

Take a BIG breath. Give yourself a moment to notice your emotions and acknowledge what you are experiencing. The wave of emotions you are feeling is normal. 

We are all in this TOGETHER

Now is the time to be united. To stay connected. To show up for yourself and for others.🙌

We won't remind you to wash your hands, you already know that.
Here are our advice to take care of yourself during this time. 💕

1. Make the best out of your stay-cation

PI Yoga Pants Staycation Pants Stay at home comfortable loose yoga pants
We know this isn't ideal but what if we started seeing this situation as a gift from the universe? A gift to slow down, to work on that side project you have been wanting to do, to launch your new website, to write the next chapter of your book, to meditate and go deeper within yourself. 

What you resist persists. 

Don't resist. Instead of getting mad and angry at what is happening, embrace this time to be inside. Nurture the quiet time. Feed your creativity. Surrender to the current situation and see the opportunities developing in front of you. 

We would love to support you during this time indoor.

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>Your safety is our number one priority. <

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"I've been working from home for the last 3 years, I literally live in my PI Yoga Pants. I sleep in PI, I work in PI, I do yoga in PI. 
This morning I felt like I could use some positive energy with everything that has been happening so I wore one of my most colorful pair of PI Yoga Pants to boost my mood. It made me do a happy dance 😊 ".
- Yasmine, San Diego

2. Take some deep fresh breaths of air

PI Yoga Pants Practice yoga in nature with loose comfortable yoga pants for everybody

Give yourself a break. Step outside, on your balcony, in your backyard and take deep breaths of fresh pure air. Let nature heal you. Don't forget to air your place and get some new fresh energy in. 

Are you close to the beach or to the woods? Go practice by yourself outside.

Take this time to connect to Mother Nature. Practice earthing 🌿 Walk barefoot on the earth to get grounded. 
Move your body in your favorite flow.

Today more than ever, we need you to be healthy & keep moving.

3. Take care of your community

PI Yoga Pants Care Package share love with comfortable yoga pants and friendship bracelet

Even in isolation, we can be there for each other. Connect with friends you haven't had a chance to talk to in a while. Call your family members. Take the time to video chat with friends who might be more isolated than others.

Let's use this time to show LOVE to each other and support one another. Listen to people's fears and reassure them. Help them see the bright side of the situation.

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Everything is temporary. Let it pass & flow with it.

Sending you love & gratitude 💗 

The PI Team