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3 Benefits of a Regular Yoga Practice

by Autoketing Collaborator 21 Jun 2019
Today we are celebrating the International Day of Yoga

Benefits of Regular Yoga Practice - PI Yoga Pants

This is the perfect time to bring awareness about the health benefits of introducing a regular yoga practice into our routine and inspire those around us to hop on their mat and start to enhance their general health. 

We all know yoga is great for us...  

… but what are the real benefits of yoga?

  1. Strength & Flexibility 

    Increasing strength and flexibility might be the first one that comes to mind. With age and if, like us, you spend a lot of time sitting down behind your computer, our flexibility decreases which can lead to pain. Increased flexibility helps bring motion to tight areas to relieve stiff muscles.

  2. Healthy joints

    Yoga is low impact, unlike other sports such as running, which allows you to  strengthen your joints without hurting them. Yoga does miracles for people with arthritis for example.

  3. Feel more relaxed & happy

    By reducing the level of the stress hormone cortisol, yoga also helps deal with stress and depression and promotes relaxation and better sleep. Yoga also teaches us how to be in the present moment instead of dwelling on past events or anxiety from anticipating the future.

    When feeling under pressure because of a job, relationship, or a busy lifestyle, try a yoga class. You will leave it feeling more at ease, less stressed and with a clearer mind.

Yoga Quote Benefits for Yoga Practice - PI Yoga Pants, PIYOGA

…I am not flexible enough! I don’t have a yoga body.

Do you have a body? Do you do yoga or are ready to start doing it? Then we are happy to tell you that you have the perfect yoga body!

Yoga is not about being slim, touching your toes and getting upside down on one hand. Yes, a regular yoga practice can help you get there, but this is not the end goal. Regardless of all the amazing benefits of yoga, it’s important to start the practice of yoga with no expectations of the outcome and to let yourself enjoy the class.

Our mission at PI is to empower everyone – of all body types – to hop on their yoga mat and feel comfortable and confident. Your practice starts by wearing clothes that empowers you so you can fully step on your mat without being self conscious about how you look – because not only do we want you to feel comfortable but we want you to flow with ease!

Inclusive yoga clothes are not so easy to find. typical tight yoga pants are not for everyone even though it is what's easiest to find...

Most yoga pant companies only make pants up to size 12, but did you know the average American is a size 16? Where do the rest of us fit in? Yoga is for everyone and we wanted to find a way for women of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities to feel accepted and a part of the conscious yoga community.

Today is also the OFFICIAL start of summer and our new Summer Collection is now available! Not only have we added lots of new tropical prints coming straight from Bali, Indonesia but we are also expanding our plus size collection now offering yoga pants sizes 0 to 24! Check out why our customers think PI Yoga Pants Plus Size collection is the next best thing!

This International Yoga Day, try a new type of yoga or a new studio. Meet new people in the community and invite a friend who has never tried. 💕

Never done yoga and always thought “this isn’t for me?” – give it a try, you won't regret it! 

Happy International Yoga Day 🙏

The PI Team

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