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Tula Fest - The New Yoga Festival in Seattle, WA

Por Larissa Miller 01 Jul 2016

PIYOGA pants was so happy to be at the Tula Fest in Seattle, Washington. It was great being able to practice yoga with the Seattle locals and drink a nice cup of Starbucks coffee!

"Find your balance."  We've all heard it before- but how?


Yoga has been a world wide phenomenon creating balance in lives across the globe. The "balance" and energy created while practicing yoga is the root of Tula Fest with the word "Tula" directly translating to "balance" in Sanskrit.


If there's one thing in life that holds true, it's that achieving balance in life is a constant.


Balance comes with everything you do; with work, family, friends, a romantic partner, being social, taking time to yourself, and everything in between. Everything you do needs a balance and when you neglect to be conscious of this you can feel like things are quickly getting out of your control.


Luckily, there is one short cut to finding balance, and that is yoga and meditation.

PIYOGA pants at the Tule Fest Yoga Festival in Seattle Washington.


Tulas Fest brings life to the meaning of balance on July 9th with a full day of fun and 22 fun yoga and meditative activities to choose from- no matter what level you are! Tula Fest is aimed towards engaging everyone in the community from children, teens, young professionals, adults, and seniors and NO EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED!

 PIYOGA pants team making friends with Karma Collective, another awesome brand based in Bali.

Some of the activities you can look forward to are:

Heartfull Hatha

Intro Pranayama

Guided Group Meditation

Midday Meditation

Guided Breathing

Asana Flow

Guided-Dancing Meditation

Children's Yoga  

Yoga for those 55+

Yin Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga

Take Home Yoga

Power Vinyasa


Yengar Yoga

and many more!

 PIYOGA pants team selling lots of yoga pants in Seattle, Washington for Tula Fest

The founders of Tula Fest, Alondra and Crystal are both yogi enthusiasts whose values are deeply rooted in the yoga culture. Alondra has experienced yoga deeply at it's roots in India, where she spent over a month learning about the culture and history of yoga and India, as well as obtaining her teacher training.  Much of this experience inspired the creativity and motivation behind Tula Fest and the growing desire to introduce yoga to those who have never tried it, and to those who would like to elevate their practice to the next level.

 PIYOGA pants crew hangs our with their newest and smallest edition! The original inspiration for the PIYOGA kids pants! Thanks Tula Fest, Seattle Washington for an amazing time!

On that note, here are some fun facts and yoga definitions to further your understanding in class.


Sanskrit is the classical language of India and the language of Hinduism, Buddhism, and is used in yoga to define poses and practices (which is why you might not understand some of the words they are calling out during your practice!)


Asana = "seat or physical posture"

Ashtanga-yoga = "eight-limbed union"

Avidya =  "the absence of knowledge", it is essentially an ignorance of who we are. In yoga it is often referred to as the root cause of human suffering. 

Citta = "the mind", that which is conscious

Dhyana = "Meditation"

Guru = "spiritual teacher"

Hatha Yoga = "willfull", "forceful", simply refering to the practice of physical yoga postures 

Jata = muttering, the recitation of a word or phrase (mantra)

Kunfalini-shakti = "coiled power", the serpent power or spiritual energy

Mantra = "mind instrument", a sacred sound or phrase such as om, hum, that has a transformative effect on the mind

Tula = "balance"

Vinyasa = "arranging something in a special way", coordinating movement with breath


 The PIYOGA team will see you at Tula Fest in Seattle, Washington next year!

We look forward to seeing you at Tula Fest in Seattle!



July 9, 2016

Saturday, 9am-8pm

Lake Union Park

860 Terry Avenue N.

Seattle, WA 98109


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