Since Yoga is for Everybody...
Shouldn't yoga pants be for everybody too?

Our mission here at PI is to empower women and men of all body shapes and ages to feel comfortable and confident on and off their yoga mat!
We're super grateful to bring our mission to life with a wide variety of sizes including petite, tall, regular, large, and now plus size which fits size 18-24!

 PI Yoga Pants Plus Size Pants Culottes NEW 18-24 Large, XL, XXL

“Their [PI] sizes are not only true to size, but comfortable and stylish at the same time! If you are sick of being pushed to the back corner of the store and want a pair of quality, cute, and comfortable pants, check them out!” - Shellina Hefner, @shellbyville33, San Diego, California 

PI Yoga Pants come in regular, tall, petite, large, and plus size! Finally - comfortable yoga pants for every BODY

Here are 5 Reasons why Shellina Thinks PI Plus Size Pants are Perfect 

1. They are comfortable. So comfortable you can wear them all day (and night) long! 

2. They are versatile & stylish. You can dress them up and down. Finding an outfit in plus sizes that is both stylish & comfortable can be difficult. With PI Yoga Pants you get both at the same time! 

3. They are inclusive of different body types. Our body is not just about a size. We come in all shapes, too! The way PI Yoga Pants are built really accommodates all body types. 

4. They come in different colors & patterns. What tends to happen is that the plus-size section only come in muted colors or gaudy patterns. It is so empowering to find clothes in the fun patterns, too! 

5. They are true to size! I am a size 16 and when I saw 12 to 16 I got really nervous because a lot of the times when people say size 12 to 16 they really just mean 12, so to put them on for the first time and have them fit true to size was incredible.

"In a culture where people are always trying to hide us in the corner or change us having an inclusive brand and options like this is very empowering"  

PI Yoga Pants Kundalini White Plus Size I Dream of Coachella Women Empowerment

- Shellina Hefner, @shellbyville33 & Cassandra @cosmiccassandra
San Diego, California 

What are you waiting for? Try them out for yourself!

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