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Yoga Instagram Challenge New Year Yoga Poses

We're so excited to announce our #FlowInto2018 Yoga Challenge!

There's no better way to start the new year than by flowing into it!
From Jan 7 - 17 we will be posting 10 all level friendly yoga poses for you to post too!
Everyone who participates all 10 days & follows all the rules will receive a $40 gift card to @piyogapants AND a $25 gift certificate toward any service at @sojournsandiego! 


- Post the Contest Flyer
- Post all 10 Yoga Poses on your Instagram between Jan 7 - 17
- Tag @sojournsandiego AND @piyogapants ON every photo. *Will not accept entries that only tag in the captions*
- Use the hashtag #FlowInto2018 on all 10 posts
We can't wait to flow with you! 
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10 Poses:

1. Mountain/Tadasana
- Tuck in your tailbone beneath your shoulders
-  Draw your shoulder blades in together to open your heart
Benefits: Strengthens core, opens heart chakra
2. Standing Forward Fold/Uttasana
- Invite a gentle bend in your knees to send tailbone to sky
- To deepen, wrap arms/palms around back of calves
Benefits: Lengthen/strengthens hamstrings, Releases low back tension
3. High-Low Plank/Chaturanga Dandasana
-Squeeze your triceps in toward your rib cage
- Ignite your low abdomen muscles to support your low back
Benefits: Strengthens core muscles, tones tricep muscles
4. Downdog/Adho Mukha Svanasana
- Draw your shoulders together, away from your ears
- Internally rotate your biceps toward your ears
Benefits: Strengthens upper body, lengthens legs
5. Chair Pose/Utkatasana
- Slightly tuck in your tailbone (1 long line from fingers to tailbone)
- Squeeze your thighs together
Benefits: Strengthens major leg muscles, Stretches shoulders
6. Dancer's Pose/Natarajasana
- Tilt Draw your hips in alignment with one another, squared to your mat
- Kick into your back palm as you reach forward
Benefits: Strengthens and lengthens low back, heart opener
7. Child's Pose/Balasana
- Allow your belly to melt to your inner thighs
- Send your tailbone away from your finger tips
Benefits: Opens hips, Releases tension from low back
8. Balancing Half Moon/ Ardha Chandrasana
- Flex your foot and lift your top leg toward the ceiling
- Reach for the top and bottom of the room spreading your fingers wide
Benefits: strengthens core muscles, Stretches shoulders
9. Triangle/Trikonasana
- Draw your shoulders away from your ears, into their sockerts
- Tuck in your tailbone, slightly squeezing your glutes
Benefits: strengthens core, Stretches shoulders
10. Spinal Twist/Ardha Matsyendrasana
- Elongate the crown of your head to the sky
- Twist deeper with every exhale breath
Benefits: Stretches shoulders and hips, Releases stagnant energy in body