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PIYOGA Goes International – Our debut at the OM Yoga Show, London UK

Por Larissa Miller 24 Oct 2017

PIYOGA goes to London for the OM Yoga Show, London UK

Almost half way through the year we found out about the OM Yoga Show in London. I was captivated by the idea that PIYOGA could be a part of one of the biggest yoga festivals in the world and decided we would do everything in our power to make our attendance a reality.

Yasmine Grignard went to work sending press releases to magazines and newspapers in the UK. We were ecstatic to hear back from one of the biggest yoga magazine in the UK, Yoga Magazine. They wanted to feature PIYOGA as one of the top sustainable brand in ethical fashion and thought we would be a perfect fit for their article. Yoga Magazine UK released the article in September and the full article can be found here.

This gave us a lot of traction and we started to get customers online in the UK. By the time the yoga festival came around it was really cool to hear yogis come up to us and say,

“I read your blog about the sea turtle conservation, I think it’s really cool what you have going on here!”

It warmed my heart to see that people in London cared about the same things I cared about and value in the brand.

Another yogi came up to us and said,

“I recognize you guys from the Yoga Magazine!”

I didn’t know what to expect going into a foreign market but I was grateful to have the brand and mission be so well received.PIYOGA has been featured in Yoga Magazine London, UK as one of the top ethical fashion brands.

I am even more grateful because some of my friends who I met in Bali when I was just first starting the business flew into London to support me at the show! My dear friend Eline who I met when I was getting my Advanced Diving Certificate at Manta Dive in Bali flew in from Scottland and said,

“I can’t believe that just a year ago you had only just started with the idea of PIYOGA. It’s great to see how much it has grown!”

She was there for me from the very beginning and helped me through the hardship of the break up I was going through at the time. She gave me the strength and inspiration to continue my dream of starting my own business and it meant the world to me for her to fly down to support me.

My dear friend Kim who I also met in Bali the week before Eline was very supportive during the time and I took her diving with the sea turtles for her very first time! She is the absolute sweetest and helped us out at the show and even brought her friends to support and get acro yoga going in our booth.

 Overall, the OM Yoga Show was an incredible learning experience filled with love and support from all directions. We learned how to import goods into Europe, learned the logistics behind coordinating an event overseas, and learned about yoga from a British perspective.

I’m very grateful and fortunate to have had things work out the way they did and for the confidence it gave us to do more international shows in the future.

 With love & gratitude

Larissa & Yasmine


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