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Pink Full Moon energy is in the air... 

A full moon occurs when the Sun and the Moon are directly opposite one another. Those two powerful forces being opposed can have a big impact on our life, and this is a great time to reflect and listen to what the moon has to tell us. 

Don't let it fool you by its name... The Moon won't be pink. We call it Pink because it occurs in April, when Spring and flowers are in full bloom. 

This month, the moon will rise under the sign of Libra... Libra will bring Harmony and Balance which is great but in order to reach harmony and balance we will need to go through our own challenges...This Full Moon it is time to let go. Let go of the pain, the expectations, the suffering. 

When we try to control every aspect of our life and when our desires do not come to fruition, we are dissatisfied and experience suffering.  

Appreciating what we currently have and accepting that everything is in constant change is a great way to reach harmony. Letting go of controlling what cannot be controlled and going with the flow of life will bring us peace and joy. 

Can you think of something, maybe even someone, you are obsessing about and you are constantly thinking of. Maybe you are trying so hard to get to that point you somehow decided you needed to be at but you feel like it is taking all your energy away from you without bringing the results you are waiting for? Well... now is the perfect time to let go and use this energy towards something that will reciprocate it for you.  

Too often, we can get trapped in in our thoughts, forgetting that now & here is what needs our full attention. Being held up in the past or over thinking about what hasn't happened yet is what makes us suffer and blocks us from being at peace right here, right now. 

This Friday night, use the energy of the Full Moon to cleanse your life from what is holding us back. It is time to LET GO and flow. 

Take the time to immerse yourself in the moon glow. Sit by the water if you can and let go of your sufferings to find that harmony and balance you deserve.

Happy Full Moon 🌑

Keep an eye out for the Next Full Moon - Saturday May 18.