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Baby Pants Have Arrived!

Por Larissa Miller 03 Feb 2020

If Babies Could Speak I Guarantee They Would be Saying,

“Momma, can we get the matching yoga pants?

I want to be just like you!”

PI Yoga Pants Baby Mommy & Me matching yoga pants

Featured: Blueberry Lemonade Baby Yoga Pants


I bet you are reading that right now and thinking..

“Wait..  baby pants? PI doesn’t make baby pants? Or wait, but DO THEY?!  If they did that would be AWESOME because I never know what to give my friends at the baby shower!

Yep. That just happened. The word is out and I’m happy to announce that it’s true. We’re officially releasing our Baby Pants Collection TODAY! 💕

 PI Yoga Pants baby pants matching mommy and me yoga pants baby shower gift

Our Customers Inspired us to Create Baby Pants

We first got the idea when everyone kept raving about how perfect PI YOGA PANTS were for pregnancy! The Moms thought the pants would be perfect for their baby, as they would be growing quickly, too!


Here’s what some of our customers had to say:


“I'm wearing them right now and I wish I had them several months ago when everything I was wearing was super uncomfortable from this growing belly!”

Chelsea Movilla-Diago, Oceanside, CA (7 months pregnant)


"You should really market these to pregnant Moms! Mine are all that fit me right now and I'm so happy about it! <3"

Emily Hutton, San Diego, CA (Mom)

PI Yoga Patns Loose pants perfect for pregnancy

Featured Print: Onyx Lotus

“I know of quite a few mom's who would loooove these pants!  I've been rocking them everyday post delivery of my new lil munchkin and absolutely LOvE them!  The high waist holds in that pot baby tummy and the pocket is amazing for the giant iPhone to track sleep/nursing patterns so it's always with me.  I can't say enough about your product and the softness of these pants 😍love love love.  Love that you make maternity pants now and if you are looking for another avenue to sell your pants ... baby-toddler pants!  Mom's love harem pants for kids b/c they allow ease with crawling since they are loose and the scrunchy ankles will keep them in place.  Not to mention there are so many baby boutiques out in San Diego who'd carry your product if you could make them in 6mo-5T sizes."

Courtney Luni, San Diego, CA (Mom)

PI Yoga Pants Baby Pants Baby Shower Gift

Featured: I Dream of Coachella Weekend 1 Baby Pants


The idea really jump started when my friend Tiffany was having her baby shower. I had no idea what to get her (well I knew she was getting a pair of PI pants for sure) but I wanted to get the baby something, too!

Running out of ideas of what to get the baby, I ended up custom designing a pair of baby pants for her and everyone at the baby shower LOVED THEM.

“Look how cute they are! I bet those will fit her for a while because they stretch! There is even enough room for the diaper! Perfect!”

They’re quick drying too so in case someone has a little accident they will dry up in no time.


Dads Want to Have Fun, too!PI YOGA PANTS for babies & kids

Featured: Confidence of the Elephants Red Baby Pants

Here at PI, we are all about empowering each other to feel comfortable and confident in their yoga pants, and that means Dads, too!

When selecting the designs to make the Baby pants, I chose Best Sellings designs from both the Womens and Mens collection to allow Dads to be able to match with their baby!

There is nothing cuter than seeing the whole family dressed up in PI. ♥

 PI YOGA PANTS Womens Mens Baby Matching Onyx Flower of Life Print

Featured Print: Onyx Flower of Life Baby Pants







Here are the Listings for the New Baby Pants

Blueberry Lemonade See the matching Mommy pants

Burgundy - See the matching Mommy & Daddy pants

Confidence of the Elephants Black See the matching Mommy & Daddy pants


Teal Flower of Life - See the matching Mommy & Daddy pants


Onyx Flower of Life - See the matching Mommy pants


Black is the New Black See the matching Mommy & Daddy pants


I Dream of Coachella Weekend 1 See the matching Mommy pants


Boutique Princess See the matching Mommy pants


Confidence of the Elephants Red - See the matching Mommy & Daddy pants


See the entire Baby Pants Collection here

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