It's finally that time of the year for INTERNATIONAL DAY OF YOGA!


While you can celebrate the Official International Day of Yoga anywhere in the world, if you happen to be in San Diego then the place to be is Liberty Station for "Your Soul Wants to PLAY".


“Your Soul Wants to PLAY” is a theme that inspires attendees to embrace the OMazing energy that lies within them, to let the soul speak from a pure, uninhibited  place, letting it emerge in total liberation for a day dedicated to creating ecstatic bliss by rediscovering the magic, amusement, and enchantment that comes from returning to our most natural state of being.


As we come together to PLAY with Peace. Love. Art. Yoga. + Music we raise our own vibration, in turn reverberating that blissful energy out into the world to contribute to uplifting our planet as a whole. It is from this state-of-being that you discover the sense of oneness with yourself, the world and nature. That union is YOGA.


It is our Honor and Privilege to celebrate the beautiful practice of yoga and everything that it has blessed ourselves, and the world with. I truly believe that it will be what heals and unites the world as one, and in rejoicing together on this day we perpetuate that movement.


Tiffany Vondran, the head coordinator of the event, has been a yoga teacher for years and traveled to India to extend her yogi studies. Since then she has taught classes all over the world, focusing specifically on San Diego and Hawaii.


"Your Soul Wants to Play" is set out to be a full day of fun with dozens of different yoga, meditation, and arts classes to attend. A proceed of the profits will also benefit "Arts, A Reason to Survive". See the schedule below.





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See you next Saturday!






June 18, 2016

Doors open at 9am

10AM - 6PM

NTC Liberty Station, Ingram Plaza

2751 Dewey Rd, San Diego, CA 92106