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7 Tricks for Staying Productive

Por Larissa Miller 20 Sep 2021

Summer is here and staying productive behind your computer all day long when the sun is shinning outside can be tricky.

We feel you.

Here are some tips to implement in your daily life to stay productive and make sure you get done with your to-do as soon as possible so you can get done earlier and go out and enjoy the sun!

1. No Digital Distractions

In today's world we know how hard it is to stay focus on one task. Especially with our phone buzzing every 2 minutes with the newest cat video or your partner asking you what you want to eat tonight. 


The key: put your phone on silence and forget about it when you are working. Allocate time slot where you catch up for a few minutes in between tasks a limited amount of time a day.

+ You will feel more focused, you will accomplish more and when you check and chat with your friend you won't feel bad about it.

2. Choose wisely your first task of the day

How many of you start scrolling down Facebook, Instagram or read through their texts and emails first thing in the morning? Sometimes even before getting out of bed. You see it as your easy way of waking up...

But did you know this habit influences your whole day? And not in a postive day... The first thing you do in the morning will set the tone for the day ahezad. How? Basically it sends a message to your brain letting him know that since this is the first thing he needs to do in the morning this must be the most important task of the day. Throughout the day, your brain will put similar task as a priority. By checking the outside world information first you are telling your brain that incoming information is more important that what you need to accomplish. What if instead you decided to meditate for a few minutes or stretch? What kind of message will that send?

+ try it you will feel less stressed by the craziness of the external world and less dependent on your phone

3. Eat the bullet

We usually know what needs the be done today and since most of the time this is the biggest task the one that will take the most energy out of us we tend to avoid it till you can't anymore.

Instead of checking your emails and do little random tasks once you open your computer, start by that big project that needs to be done

+ You will feel so releived right away and it won't be that weight on your shoulder all day long and you will feel proud of yourself way sooner making the rest of the day already productive

4. The 2 min rule

By the famous book Get Things Done the 2 min rule might be a game changer.

The idea is simple, it the task takes less than 2 min DO IT NOW. If you receive an email that request your attention for less than 2 min, instead of reading it, telling yourself you will do that later, putting a reminder then having to rethink about it later on... just do it now! Pushing it to later will take altogether longer than doing it right away.

5. One thing at a time.

Look at your browser right now. How many tabs are open? How many task did you started before reading that blog?

Doing one thing at a time will help you get things done quicker and be efficiently. 

Start a task and finish it. You will get through your to do faster that way. 

6. Organize your day the day before

Before leaving work write down your to do for the following day. know by what you will be starting and visualize how your day will do. Keep your to do short. 3 main tasks. 

Clear your desk so you can start in the most optimal conditions. 

Before falling asleep, think about all the great thing you will be doing. That will help you to wake up feeling happier and more energized (like on Christmas eve or before going to vacations)

7. Take small breaks

Last but not least. Don't forget to take regular break. You will actually be more efficient if you take more break than if you try to fit everything in. You brain need fresh oxygen so instead of taking a social media break, go for a quick walk and tale a long deep breath. 


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