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How to keep your New Year's Resolutions & Fitness Goals

Por Larissa Miller 29 Dec 2019
PI yoga pants new year resolutions fitness goals

What keeps you motivated during the New Year? It’s right around the corner, that’s right 2020 is almost here!

I’d like to share a few ways to stay motivated and focused in this new year. When we are focused, we tend to have tunnel vision on our main goal. But let’s be real that’s not always the case and we can easily distract ourselves. Distractions come in many different forms whether it be work, kids or even self-doubt. 

Let’s focus on what keep us motivated!

In this blog I’ll touch on a few key elements that will help keep you motivated and, in the gym, or even the great outdoors. Honestly for me, a new fitness outfit keeps me motivated. I like to post my fitness routines and take progress pictures. It’s so rewarding!

My favorite pair of pants to wear are the Blue Boutique Elephant's pants from PI Yoga Pants. Not to mention they are so comfortable and make working out a breeze with how lightweight they are.

Blue Boutique Elephant's Yoga Pants Scrunched Bottom Boho Loose lightweight Comfortable

I also love the PI Yoga sports bra, there’s nothing more rewarding then finding the perfect outfit. With the new year coming up this is the perfect time to get a new routine and a few new outfits to keep you motivated. Let’s set some good intentions to make this new year journey the best journey of your life.

Pi yoga pants dressy sports bra wireless comfortable colors black straps

The first thing to remember when starting your fitness journey is start slow. If this is a new goal of yours or you’re just starting out it’s best to start slow but keep your goal in mind.

The best thing to keep yourself accountable is to make a schedule. Keep this schedule in sight so that you can always keep yourself accountable. Once you have your schedule then there are no excuses from there. I personally like to keep mine on the refrigerator, this is a space I’m always in and is in plain sight. Not only that but it can also keep you from the midnight snacks by seeing your goal before you open the fridge. One way to keep track and reflect on how far you’ve come or are going is to keep a journal.

New Year goal stay on track journaling

I know, journaling isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think about fitness, but this may also be a great way to keep you motivated. By tracking your progress, you can keep your goals in mind and focus on what you need to refocus on. Keeping notes and writing down your fitness schedule will help keep you accountable and stay productive.

There are key elements you want to focus on while journaling and the best way to do this is to be SMART; specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. Your goals should be specific. What do you want to accomplish? Your goals should be measurable; therefore, journaling can also help a lot to stay motivated.

An example of this can be measuring in weekly or even tracking how many miles you can run in a specific amount of time. Make sure your goals you are setting are achievable. Are these realistic goals? Make your goals challenging but attainable. Realistically speaking you want to set your goals based on your lifestyle and relevant to your interest. This will help make your goals much more fun and easier to attain.  With attaining your goals timing is everything, so set a goal with an end. 

Let’s talk about MOTIVATION. What is motivation? Well, believe it or not but motivation all begins in the mind, once you manifest something, I believe you’ll be motivated for life. Motivation is like a trigger that boost us to spring into action, hit those goals and targets. When that motivation trigger hits, we feel inclined to workout, eat healthier or whatever goal you set to attain it. We must find ways to push ourselves even further than before. Self-motivation can come in many ways, find the way that works best for you whether it be a new outfit, new running shoes or bringing a friend to the gym with you.

bring a friend stay motivated new year resoltuion

There are so many ways we can stay motivated, skies the limit. Variety is key when staying motivated, you don’t want to burn yourself out by doing the same routine or work out. Mix it up, most gyms offer a variety of free classes with your memberships. Mixing up your workout can keep your mind and muscled engaged. One day you may go hard on leg workouts and the next arms, no matter what you choose don’t forget to mix it up, have fun.
Don’t forget to reward yourself. Set a goal for yourself, like loosing 5 pound in 2 weeks and getting a new pair of yoga pants! I honestly can say I do this just about every month. It really doesn’t matter what you set your reward to be. Try not to make it a food reward, this almost sets you back, lets focus more on health-related rewards. This can be anything from a new workout video, a massage or even a day off to stretch and relax your mind and body. Knowing you have a reward coming can also be motivating!

There are a lot of great social media groups and pages where you can find new routines and work outs. These are great to watch and get ideas for your next work out. I find Instagram to be a great platform to watch new techniques and styles of fitness. If you like having a sense of community, you can also chat with others who’ve commented on post to reflect and get advice or even just share your progress. I hope these tips help you find your motivation in 2020 and wish you a prosperous new year!


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