YogiApproved mentioned PI Yoga Pants as one of the Top 7 eco-friendly yoga brands you need to know about! 

"Supporting brands that create eco-friendly yoga clothes (as opposed to fast fashion) and other environmentally-friendly yoga gear is a simple yet impactful way to help protect the environment."

- Yogi Approved

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PI Yoga Pants Sea Turtle Conservation Efforts Eco Friendly Sustainable Yoga Brand

The PI team is proud to donate 10% of net profit to sea turtle conservation efforts around the world. We have been honored to partner with some amazing organisations across the word. Check out our projects that helped restore the coral reef: 

Conservation Project with the Coral Restoration Foundation ™

Biorock Build with the Gili Eco Trust

This Yoga Brand Is Using Artificial Coral Reefs to Help Save Our Oceans

PI Yoga Pants Helps Save the Sea Turtles


When you shop PI you are supporting a dream and a mission to make a positive impact in the world and in our communities. 💕

Thank you for your support.

Check out our Save the Sea Turtle Scrunched Bottom Pants & all other style available. 

PI Yoga Pants Mission