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1. Crisp Mornings for Long Walks.

There's nothing like a crisp tingle on your nose to wake you up in the morning. Wether it's walking your dog around the blog, or simply enjoying the changing colors of the leaves, enjoy the morning walks an hour earlier with day light savings. 

2. Hot Yoga

It never feels better to steam up in a hot yoga room than when it's starts getting chillly at night. Keep your blood and heart warm my taking a late evening candlelight yoga class.

3. Sweater Weather

Finally! It's time to cozy up. Did you know we just made some cute sweaters that can turn into a scarf? I swear - it's a real thing. Check it out here.

4. The Holidays are just around the corner

Enough said! It can get stressful though (remember last year?). Shop early and save yourself the stress. We can help too. With our one size fits all functionality on most of our clothing you can guarantee PI will fit that special someone. 

All sales from Thanksgiving until Christmas are eligible for return or exchange until January 15, 2019.

5. Pomegranates, guavas, and persimmons, pumpkins, apples, and squashes are back in season!

You forget just how good they are until the come back in season. Eat them up while they can! Remember to eat seasonal to keep up with your ayurvedic diet for a happier, healthier you!

6. Pumpkin Spice Lattes & Chai Tea

Because it not only warms your finger tips, but it warms your soul.

 7. Burning candles long into the night

They warm the house, smell great, and create a cozy ambiance for a quiet night in or wine with the girls.



Just writing this has made me want to snuggle up with a fuzzy blanket and a good book. I hope it's made you feel the same.

Enjoy my loves!