How are you celebrating Earth Day this year?

We want to offer you some of our favorite ways to show Mother Earth the love that she deserves! 

1. Be a conscious eater.

You don't have to do anything drastic, but even small changes to what you consume daily can make a difference. If you're not already vegan or vegetarian, choose a few days a week to go Meatless. Go to your local Farmers Markets and purchase fruits, vegetables, and other goods. You can even try eating the 100-mile diet! By supporting local, not only are you doing your part to be more sustainable with the economy, but you are also using fewer greenhouse gases with less transportation of goods.

2. Drive Less- Bike, skate or walk more!

Instead of using a gas-powered car, use this as an opportunity to start cycling or skating! Nothing feels better than getting outdoors and breathing in that fresh air now that spring is upon us. If your city offers it, use public transportation as well. It's the perfect time to sink into a new book or relax listening to a playlist and skip that busy traffic.

3. Attend Earth Fair this Sunday, April 24th from 10AM-5PM at Balboa Park in San Diego (or attend your local Earth Fair)

We will be there among other conscious brands, organizations, and programs working towards creating a more sustainable planet. There will be entertainment, vegetarian & vegan food options, local vendors, conservation groups, wildlife preservation groups, and so much more! Click here to learn more about this event.


earth day san diego balboa park, california


4. Switch to a reef safe sunscreen 

Many sunscreens have chemicals that are threatening the reef and life underwater and millions of people have been using them for years. Make it a priority to choose a reef-safe sunscreen. The good news is that many brands have now developed eco-friendly formulas that do not hurt life underwater. Yay!!! Read our Blog to learn more about this.
We want to hear what you are doing for Earth Day this year! We would love for our PI family to post something on Instagram and tag us to inspire others to live a more conscious and sustainable life. Share your ideas using #piyogapants and tag us @piyogapants on Instagram!
Just for fun, here is more Earth Day Inspiration!