PI Yoga Pants at Wanderlust 108 Santa Monica, California USA

Larissa & Yasmine, hanging out at San Diego Yoga Festival March 2019

We love going to yoga festivals!

Since PI is an online business we find much joy in selling at yoga festivals! It's a great way to meet our customers in person and to give everyone an opportunity to shop and try on the pants they have been yearning for! We LOVE all the beautiful and conscious people we meet and making every lasting memories and friends along the way. ūüėć

If you have never been to a yoga festival before, we high recommend that you attend one this year!

PI Yoga Pants at the Fort Lauderdale Yoga Expo in Florida

Yasmine at the Fort Lauderdale Yoga Expo, March 2019

Here's my list of what you can expect at your first yoga festival:

1. Meeting awesome new people

From customers, to yoga teachers to other vendors we always make new friends. Yoga festivals make it so easy to connect with other human vibrating on the same level. 

2. You'll learn something new 

Have you ever wanted to try a new style of yoga but you always end up to your regular Bikram yoga class? Festivals are the best place to try something new. From acro yoga to breath work, aerial yoga to Kundalini, Kirtan & MORE! It's all part of the fun and sometimes it's when you step into that random class with no expectations that you learn something new.

3. Invest in yourself 

Spending a weekend at a festival can feel like going to therapy. There are so many amazing workshops and inspirational talks to choose from! The hardest part is deciding where to go first.

4. Discover conscious brands 

Yoga festivals always come with a fun market place to shop till you drop! Support local, conscious, eco-friendly brands and come back with unique swags! 

5. Try all the yummy healthy food 

Don't need to say more... if you think eating healthy is more work than pleasure, you probably haven't had the good stuff yet! 

To get a clear idea on how it looks like...

Check out PI Ambassador, Van Vo, in her new video about our most recent yoga festival - Wanderlust 108 in Santa Monica, California: 

Are you convinced? Join us at our next festival! See all our events here