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  • Vinyasa Power Flow Yoga

    Vinyasa Power Flow Yoga | 15 Minutes Yoga Practice

    Start your day with this 15 minute Power Vinyasa Flow made by Wholesome Boho Life. 

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  • Yoginiwishes and PIYOGA

    Yoginiwishes and PIYOGA

    "I am absolutely loving my new PIYOGA pants! They’re incredibly comfortable, being made of a soft and light material that’s really breathable even during the more heated and intense practices." READ MORE

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  • Samata Mag - PIYOGA Packed With Purpose

    Samata Mag - PIYOGA Packed With Purpose

    "I love discovering new favorites and PIYOGA pants are no exception. Discovered by us on the many pages of Instagram these pants caught my eye. They are stylish, smart and sustainable." READ MORE

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  • Socilbutterfli


      "I absolutely fell in love with this company as soon as I saw their website . PIYOGA pants  are a yoga pants brand that bring you the most stylish and comfortable yoga pants. So many beautiful colors as well as designs and patterns to choose from." READ MORE

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  • The Shine Blog - PIYOGA and Sea Turtles Conservation

    The Shine Blog - PIYOGA and Sea Turtles Conservation

    "One of the most ancient and beloved creatures on earth, the serene Sea Turtle is one of the world’s most treasured air-breathing reptiles and they have been globe-trotting for over 150 million years, pre-dating most dinosaurs." READ MORE

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  • Gotta Have Karisma - My Bali Adventure

    Gotta Have Karisma - My Bali Adventure

    "My Bali adventure, where to begin? The Bali experience is something that can’t be explained, it’s a cultural and spiritual journey that needs to be experienced in order to be understood." READ MORE

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  • The Wanderlust Artist

    The Wanderlust Artist

    "I'm all for companies that give back, especially to the environment. I sat down with Larissa Miller of PIYOGA for a quick interview. I met Larissa back in the day when we both worked for the same company in Pacific Beach, CA. Now she's slanging yoga pants, traveling the world,...

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