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Reflecting on the Top 10 Best Experiences from 2017

by Larissa Miller 02 Jan 2018

The PIYOGA team sits in front of a waterfall in Bali during their trip to help with ocean conservation.

Best of 2017

I feel an immense amount of gratitude for each of you. I love the journey that we have created together through yoga, gratitude, and learning from each other along the way.
I am honored to share with you my gratitude for 2017 in a reflection of the Best of 2017.

PIYOGA pants presents the Top 10 moments of 2017


1. PIYOGA Launches on Amazon USA

    February 2017

    PIYOGA launched on

    Coincidentally, after sending out our Best of 2016 email last year, Jillian Dunbar reached out to us about the potential PIYOGA has to get on Amazon! Thanks to her help we jump started our launch on Amazon and now have over 400 listing on Amazon. I’m very grateful for all her help and business advice to this day.

    Click here to shop PIYOGA on


    Yasmine Grignard joins the PIYOGA team.

    2. Miss Yasmine Joins the PIYOGA Team

      March 2017

      Yasmine Griganrd joins the PIYOGA team.

      After meeting Yasmine the same weekend I returned from Bali in May 2016 and running into her a few times around the yoga community I asked her if she would be interested in helping me sell at the Sedona Yoga Festival. I was getting myself overworked every day and to my luck she said yes! She helped out so much and it was a breath of fresh air to have someone waking up with me at 6am to get done what needed to get done. Yasmine was quickly promoted to Right Hand Woman and I am very grateful for all her hard work, dedication, fun, friendship, and unforgettable memories we have created growing the PIYOGA brand, rebuilding the coral reef together in Bali, and becoming the best of friends along the way.

       PIYOGA goes to the Sedona Yoga Festival

      3. PIYOGA’s First Out of State Event - The Sedona Yoga Festival

        March 2017

        Bernie Sander's wife, Jane Sanders loves her new PIYOGA pants and is happy to take a photo with the team.

        Yes! That is Bernie Sander’s wife, Jane Sanders, in the photo! 😊

        Looking back on it Yasmine laughs at me when I say I didn’t know what I was thinking paying so much to attend this yoga festival 8 hours away from San Diego with no idea how it would turn out! But hey- sometimes you need to take crazy risks in order to find out what is possible, right? Anyways, I didn’t have a car at the time, and all we could afford was a to rent a tiny white Prius. We packed the Prius with the pop up tent and as many PIYOGA pants as we could possibly pack and the adventure began! The 8-hour drive flew by and before you know it we are right in the middle of the most unreal yoga festival I had ever been to, surrounded by the happiest people on earth and magnificent jaw dropping red rock energy vortexes. The Sedona Yoga Festival was our first out of state event and proved to be our best show to date! We can’t wait to go back again this year from February 7-15, 2018.

        Click here to read more about our experience at the Sedona Yoga Festival and click here to learn more about attending this years Sedona Yoga Festival.

         PIYOGA launches their Indie Go Go Crowd Funding Campaign

        4. The PIYOGA Crowdfunding Campaign Launches on Indie Go Go

          March 2017

          This was by far the hardest project I have ever launched by myself. Thank goodness for Yasmine coming into the picture at the perfect time! We hustled our butts off and the very next day after we drove 8 hours back from the Sedona Yoga Festival I launched our Crowdfunding Campaign party on National Pi Day, March 14. The party continued the magic from the Sedona Yoga Festival and everyone who attended knows the love, power, energy, and flow was unreal! People were dancing, doing yoga, running around, eating pizza “pi” (get it?) and making friends with everyone! It was one of my happiest moments from 2017 to see over 100 of my friends and family come together at Elka Yoga to help me launch the PIYOGA crowd funding campaign to have such a strong, loving, and caring support system. I am so very grateful for everyone who showed up and for being so committed to supporting me and my crazy ideas and for showing your love unconditionally.

          Click here to read more about the PIYOGA Indie Go Go Crowdfunding campaign.

          5. Courtney Wolff joins the team as Social Media Director

          April 2017

          Courtney Wolff joins the PIYOGA team as Social Media Director

          After seeing her eye for a great photo and her dedication to growing the brand, Courtney is quickly joins the team. She has helped to grow, organize, and create a beautiful Instagram and social media presence. Her ambition to take lead on social media has opened up new time for me to focus on growing other aspects of the business and for that I am forever grateful. Thank you for all your do Courtney!


          PIYOGA makes the Fox 5 San Diego news!


          6. PIYOGA makes the News… Twice!

          May 2017

          PIYOGA pants makes the Morning Show on Fox 11 Los Angeles.
          Thanks to Yasmine’s Public Relation expertise, she got us 3 segments on the Morning Show for Fox 5 San Diego and Fox 11 Los Angeles within one month!

          When the phone call came in that they wanted to interview me for Fox 11 Los Angeles they asked us to bring a crew of yogis up to Santa Monica for a morning yoga practice. I was so excited that I said sure with out even thinking about how it would be possible. Oops! After a month of coordinating yogis from LA and San Diego we officially have 10 of my friends up for the 3am adventure up to LA and our friends Kay & Dom up on Santa Monica to lead the acro yoga class at the Original Muscle Beach in Santa Monica. We get up there with an hour to get set up, laughing as we lay down on mats on the grass that had just been watered. Somehow we pulled it off and by 9am they had done three separate segments on PIYOGA for the Morning Show on Fox 11 Los Angeles!

          I’m very grateful for all the help and support that day from my parents, Kay, Dom, Courtney, Ty, Lauren, Shawn, Uzuri, Jessica, and every one else who came out to support the cause!


          Click here to watch the PIYOGA coverage on Fox 11 Los Angeles.


          The very next week we are scheduled to go live on Fox 5 San Diego. We send out a mass email to our friends and customers with an open invite to come out to Balboa Park and to bring a friend. I couldn’t believe it but by the time we all got to Balboa Park there was over 50 of us!! Talk about a morning yoga class! I’m very grateful for Ashley Chen for taking initiative to lead the yoga class that morning and a special thank you to everyone who came out to support and ease my nerves before the interviews. You all are the best!

          Click here to watch the PIYOGA coverage on Fox 5 San Diego.


          PIYOGA makes Fox 5 San Diego News

          7. PIYOGA Hosts the Yoga Program at Splash House

          June 2017

          PIYOGA hosts the Yoga Program at Splash House in Palm Springs, California in June and August of 2017

          First of all, I just want to say that I have been obsessed with going to Splash House in Palm Springs ever since I saw photos of the place. I love summer and the pool looked like so much fun! Little did I know that they were looking to launch a Yoga Program, and that was the perfect point where our paths crossed. They reached out to me on Facebook to see how epic of a yoga experience I could create for them. I was thrilled! I have 10 years of experience in event planning and being able to incorporate that into my passion for yoga was the most exciting thing you could tell me. It was their first time adding yoga to the mix and they needed it to go perfect and I knew just how to make that a reality. I coordinated with some of the best yoga teachers I know; Cheyanne Abolt from San Diego, Shanelle Eilers from Seattle, Alondra Meras from San Francisco, Devin Koppel, Kayna Cassard, and Dominick Cole from Santa Monica to make the journey out to Palm Springs for the weekend. We had over 200 people attend the yoga classes throughout the weekend and made fun memories along the way. Since the turnout was so good they asked us to also come back in August to host the Yoga Program again at the Splash House in August. Special thank to Cheyanne Abolt for helping coordinate round 2!

           PIYOGA helps rebuild the coral reef in Bali in collaboration with the Gili Eco Trust in Bali, Indonesia

          8. The PIYOGA Team Helps Rebuild the Coral Reef in Bali with the Gili Eco Trust

          July 2017

          PIYOGA helps out with ocean conservation efforts in Bali, Indonesia. PIYOGA fully sponsored the build of a bio rock in efforts to help rebuild the coral reef.

          Our oceans and reef are in serious danger due to human negligence, destructive fishing methods, pollution and global warming. Coral reefs are in danger of being destroyed and in recent year coral reefs are dying at alarming rates. In the past 30 years, we have lost more than half the coral reefs in the world. All of which are very harmful for all marine life that are very dependent on a healthy reef, including sea turtles.

          Fast forward to July 2017 and the PIYOGA team was off to Bali to work with the Gili Eco Trust on rebuilding the coral reef. We met Delphine, the executive director of the Gili Eco Trust, who educated us on pollution and explained in detail why our oceans, marine life, and humankind are in trouble - and what we can do to help.

          While we were there PIYOGA pants fully sponsored the build and drop of a massive 10-foot bio rock in Gili Trawangan. Larissa Miller, Yasmine Grignard, Ravyn Reid, Criccely Grijalva, and Zarina Comaduran all flew out to Bali to help with the project and 15 other volunteers from the island came out to help us build the structure to help rebuild the coral reef. After hours of cutting rebar, welding, and diving into the ocean to install the structure, our masterpiece was finally complete.

           Click here to read the fully story and see photos of our big project under the sea.

          9. PIYOGA Goes International at the Om Yoga Show, London

          October 2017

          PIYOGA goes international at our first international yoga event, The Om Yoga Show, London

          After much anticipation and planning the PIYOGA was published in Yoga Magazine, UK in anticipation for the Om Yoga Show, London. The Om Yoga Show in London is in the top 20 biggest yoga festivals in the entire world, and we were there to introduce PIYOGA for the first time on a global level. The entire show was an incredible eye opening experience and showed me that the love of yoga and compassion knows know boundaries. I’m very grateful for the opportunities the Om Yoga Show opened up for us internationally and now PIYOGA pants can be found for sale in Mexico, the UK, and Belgium! I am also incredibly grateful for the support from my friends Yasmine, Eline, Kim, Fiona, Joe, Luke, and Yasmine’s parents who flew out to support us at our first international event. Your support was appreciated unconditionally.

          Click here to read about your experience at the OM Yoga Show.


          10. PIYOGA Was Published in over 10 News Outlets

          November 2017

          PIYOGA was published in Fox 5 San Diego, Fox 11 Los Angeles, Yoga Magazine UK, San Diego Uptown News, FINE Magazine, La Jolla Village News, Maveriqs, San Diego Magazine, Beach & Bay Press, Yoga Hawaii Magazine, Cox Channel 4, and the Bali Bible.

          Thanks to the help of Yasmine, the PIYOGA mission and story was published in over 10 different newspapers, magazines, blog, and news segments including Yoga Magazine UK, FINE Magazine, San Diego Magazine, Yoga Hawaii, La Jolla Village News, Beach & Bay Press, San Diego Uptown News, the Bali Bible, Maveriqs, Cox Channel 4, Fox 11 LA and Fox 5 SD.

          Click here to see all the different publications.

           Thank you all so much for making 2017 such a magical and memorable year! 2018 has big shoes to fill but I am confident and excited because I know things are only going to get better!


          Happy New Year from the PIYOGA Family

          Happy New Year everyone!!


          With love and gratitude,



          Larissa Miller

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