Petite PI Pants Impress Petite Ladies

“Finally – a petite pair of yoga pants that I won’t have to tailor!”

The funny thing is that we have heard this so many times we can’t even keep track anymore.

PI Yoga Pants is a small startup business that specializes in making yoga pants in a wide range of sizes.

Recently, we have focused more on making shorter pants for petite ladies and the crowd is going wild!

Who knew so many petite ladies were having to hem their yoga pants? As a tall 5’ 7” lady I never even conceived the idea that yoga pants could be too long. For me, they were always too short! I started the business in the first place because I was fed up with yoga pants that were too short for me. I figured if there was no one else making them, I would just have to make them myself, and that’s exactly what I did!

Soon enough down the road I realized that a lot of my shorter friends were having the same problem, but reversed. As such, we designed a pair of our Best Selling Scrunched Bottom yoga pants size 0-12 in a petite size to create our Petite Scrunched Bottom yoga pants size 0-12.

The petite size is 4 inches shorter than our regular Scrunched Bottom 0-12 size and slightly narrower in the leg. We definitely recommend the Petite Scrunched Bottom pants for anyone under 5’2” tall. However, lately we’ve been noticing that some of the ladies who are 5’4” or under also prefer the look as it is not as flowy as the original. It’s your call as to what you prefer!

We’re just happy to add more sizes to our ever-expanding brand and to create pants that you love.

If you ever have any questions about sizing, please refer to our domestic and international size charts HERE.


Are you sick of looking at clothing and not finding what you need? We’re here to listen to you.

As a small business we have the power to take your opinion and size recommendations into consideration when designing new apparel. Sadly though, we can’t hear you if you don’t speak up.

Please leave your comments and suggestions on sizing in the response fields of our survey HERE. We can’t wait to hear from you! 😊


We currently offer the following pants for fit petite ladies: 

  1. Petite Scrunched Bottom (size 0-12) SHOP HERE
  2. Petite Straight Leg Pants (size 0-10) SHOP HERE
  3. Flared Capris (size 0-10) SHOP HERE
  4. Shorts (size 0-12) SHOP HERE
  5. Culottes (size 0-12) SHOP HERE
  6. Flares (size 0-12 for 5’2” - 5’7”) SHOP HERE


 Feel free to leave me your comments and suggestions on sizing HERE




With love & gratitude