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New Moon. New Year. New You!

by Larissa Miller 24 Jan 2020

On the western calendar we are well into 2020.

Have you kept your resolutions?

Did you write them down and set out a detailed timeline to achieve them? How is your new gym membership going? Did you make it past the first free week of yoga? Have you kept your priorities aligned or have you been overcome with the wave of anxiety that washes over us as the holiday pass by?

Here is the truth, your year is about to begin, and you are more than ready to start.

Remember you once dreamed of being where you are now - Inspirational Quotes & Motivational quotes by PI YOGA PANTS

In Chinese Astrology the New Year begins with the first new moon thus calling the celebration Lunar New Year.

This year is the year of the Rat, a quick-witted small animal that may be dismissed as a pest but is actually known for being extremely intelligent and resourceful. Along with these qualities, rats are also known for their anxious nature and tendency to overindulge (pack rat mentality).

Have you noticed yourself wanting to clean and clear your space? Both mental and physical clutter are coming to the forefront of our consciousness as we begin to shift into this new energy. Selenite wands are perfect for cleansing our auras and the spiritual energy that surrounds us. You can place one by your window to keep your space free of negative energy for the year to come.

Make sure to get your selenite wand here.

A new moon is always a chance to start again.

This is the time of the lunar cycle that we plant our seeds and manifest our intentions. With Aquarius being the first new moon of the Year of the Rat 2020, we can expect a high volume of change within our lives. Aquarius is known in astrology as the water bearer providing a flood of knowledge carefully collected and confined within a vase. Often confused as a water sign, Aquarius is actually an air sign.

Larimar is a perfect stone to wear during Aquarius season as it represents the meeting of the sky and the sea and holds strong manifestation properties. 

Our Brand New Sterling Silver .925 Rings with Larimar can be found here and is also featured in the image below.

Featured Product: Larimar Moon Drop Ring

The key energies of a New Moon in Aquarius are expansion through thought and collective action.

This is the month to find a purpose bigger than yourself to contribute towards. PI Yoga Pants donates 10% of all net profits to sea turtle conversations all over the world. We truly care about the future of our planet and every earthling within it. This month we donated to World Wildlife Fund in Australia in efforts to help their beautiful country cope with the relentless bush-fires.

You can also donate here!

Wherever you are on your journey, know that you are capable of making a difference. We are so grateful for the impact you have made in our lives here at PI. Thank you for supporting our wildest dreams, we are here to do the same for you!  

If you want to know more about the manifestation powers and properties of the upcoming Aquarius season you can follow me on Instagram

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