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Inclusive Yoga Brand for All Body Types

by Larissa Miller 13 Feb 2022

PI Yoga Pants Inclusive Yoga Brand for Everybody

PIYOGA started with the mission to empower women and men to feel confident on and off their yoga mat.

We realized that many people were very self-conscious about going to yoga class because they didn't have the so-called perfect "yoga body" that our current society is showcasing. We’ve heard moms, girlfriends and guy friends complaining about not being flexible enough, nor slim enough and not knowing what to wear to go to yoga because there was no way they would put on the popular tight yoga pants. 

After doing some research, we realized that most yoga pants companies would only make pants up to size 12. Did you know the average American is a size 16? So where do the rest of us fit in? Yoga is for everyone yet the industry somehow has limited its accessibility to the majority. We wanted to find a way for women & men of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities to feel accepted and part of the conscious yogi community and to encourage everyone to feel comfortable hopping on to their mat.

This is how we started designing PI Yoga Pants. All our products are handmade in Bali. Not only are not only great for yoga, but they are also ideal for traveling and lounging. We like to call PI the Sisterhood of the Traveling Yoga Pants, as they really do seem to fit just about everyone who tries them on.



1. PI pants are comfortable.
So comfortable you can wear them all day (and night) long! 

2. They are versatile & stylish. 
You can dress them up and down. 

3. They are inclusive of different body types.
Our body is not just about a size. We come in all shapes, too! The way PI Yoga Pants are built really accommodates all body types. 

4. They come in different colors & patterns.
Each design has its own name and personality. Learn more here.

5. They are true to size!
"I am a size 16 and when I saw the size 12 to 16 I got really nervous because a lot of the times when people say size 12 to 16 they really just mean 12, so to put them on for the first time and have them fit true to size was incredible." - Shellina, San Diego. 

Not Sure What Size You Would Wear? 🙏

Take a look at our size chart & see our size suggestions below:


Tall Ladies - From 5'2" to 6' Tall

PI Yoga Pants Best Sellers Back Tall Yoga Pants

Scrunched Bottom Yoga Pants Size 0-12 / Size 12-16 / Size 18-24

Straight Leg Pants Size 0-10

Flare Pants Size 0-12

Culottes Size 0-12 / Size 12-16 / Size  18-24


Petite Ladies - From 4'6" to 5'3" Tall

PI Yoga Pants Best Sellers Petite Scrunched Bottom

Scrunched Bottom Yoga Pants Size 0-12 Petite

Straight Leg Pants Size 0-10 Petite

Culottes Size 0-12 / Size 12-16 / Size  18-24

Flared Capris Size 0-12


Plus Size - From Size 12 to 24

PI Yoga Pants Plus Size XL Yoga Pants

Scrunched Bottom Yoga Pants Size 12-16 / Size 18-24

Culottes Size 12-16 / Size  18-24


Maternity Pants

PI Yoga Pants Maternity Pregnancy Pants comfortable

All our PI Yoga Pants are perfect for pre & post natal wear. They stretch to a wide range of sizes allowing you to wear the same pants before during and after your pregnancy. They do not pinch your belly, helping you feel comfortable & stylish all day long. 


Men Pants Up to 6'4" Tall

PI Yoga Pants Joggers Men Man Unisex

Men Scrunched Bottom Size 30-38 - Up to 6'4" Tall

Men Joggers Size 30-34 - Up to 6' Tall


"In a culture where people are always trying to hide us in the corner or change us having an inclusive brand and options like this is very empowering." - Shellby


If you ever have any questions about sizing, please refer to our domestic and international size charts HERE

Shop stress free -  We have a 30 day happy or reimbursed policy, so you can shop with confidence. 😊



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