PI Yoga Pants - Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter


Thank you all for your support of our contributions for Black Lives Matter! For the entire month of June, we’ve dedicated donating the 10% of net profits to empowering the Black community with a focus on empowering Black Women.

We’ve been inspired and moved by our community's support of empowerment during this time and find it very aligned with our mission statement.

We are grateful for the opportunity to donate to the following women and organizations this month that are directly supporting making yoga accessible in the Black community through empowerment. Please take time to follow and support them, as well.


PIYOGA Black Lives Matter

Black Yoga Teacher Alliance


The Black Yoga Teachers Alliance, Inc. (BYTA) is a collective of yoga teachers who share a love of health, wellness and peaceful living. BYTA fulfills an unmet need in the yoga world to increase the diversity of those who teach and practice yoga in the U.S. BYTA and its members have increased the accessibility of yoga in communities that have traditionally had limited or no access to the practice. We create new ways to close the gap and serve this unmet need.

Our mission supports the educational and professional development of black yoga teachers and offers scholarships for quality trainings, opportunities to teach and access to a growing network of teachers and practitioners in the U.S. and beyond. BYTA seeks to forge partnerships and build community with individuals and organizations aligned with our mission.



PIYOGA Black Lives Matter

Margo Francois

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I’m all about empowering and inspiring yogis and self-care lovers of all colors, shapes and sizes to take up space and thrive in yoga and wellness communities. My goal is to educate and inspire you to revel in your truth by sharing tips, tutorials, product reviews and unfiltered reminders that you’re worthy of living YOUR version of a happy, healthy life. I’m a busy mama who loves sharing beauty, fashion and lifestyle tips, so you’ll get a dose of that, too. Let’s be the best versions of ourselves together by embracing progress over perfection. I’m so thankful you stopped by and hope you enjoy!


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