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Top 5 Reasons Why We Love
Hot Feet Fitness in Seattle!

Hot Feet Fitness is a premium fitness and yoga studio in Seattle that we are obsessed with! They currently carry PIYOGA pantson their shelves and care as much about marine life conservation as we do. We wanted to share with you some of our favorite things about Hot Feet Fitness.

It was hard to choose, but we boiled it down to our Top 5 below:


#5. The Director of Operations, Teanna Gentry, is a wellness guru!

Teanna has years of experience as a health coach, as a barre instructor AND as yoga instructor. She is also from the Pacific Northwest and has a passion for helping people find freedom in movement, being healthy, and inspiring them to take care of their bodies.


#4. The instructors are certified to work with all body types and skill levels.

At Hot Feet Fitness each instructor provides variation to adapt to your skill level, so you never feel left behind. There is something for everyone of all skill levels, even for you. They have so much to offer at Hot Feet Fitness, even something just right for you.
She promises you will sweat, laugh, and have a great time if you come take a class with her.


#3. We met Teanna at a yoga festival, and all good things happen at yoga festivals!

The first time we first bumped into Teanne was in the parking lot at TulaFest ( in Seattle last summer. We instantly hit it off! She fell in love with PIYOGA and we fell in love with her good energy and passion for yoga! She has a passion for marine wildlife and has continued to support the sea turtle conservation efforts behind Pi Yoga Pants.

"I wear my PIYOGA pants to feel connected with my bohemian and hippy spirit- and they look amazing too!"


#2. The atmosphere actually makes you want to go to yoga and never leave.


Hot Feet Fitness is the cutest studio in Seattle! Everyone who works there is always warm and welcoming and the community they have created really sets them apart.  

The founders of Hot Feet are also fitness experts and found that the key to fitness success is having a friendly environment that fosters friendship, encouragement, and motivation.


#1. They embody the concept that "Yoga is for Everyone"- and they prove it!


At Hot Feet Fitness they welcome you with open arms. It doesn't matter how much experience you have with fitness or yoga, your current body type, or anything else that you think is holding you back. They will work with you every step of they way and show you that yoga really can be for everyone.

Hot Feet Fitness does a great job of including everyone by offering a variety different level classes to focus on each skill level individually to help you grow and find develop your strength and provide inspiration and motivation for all members to grow their practice. 

We love Hot Feet Fitness in Seattle and can't wait to travel up there again sometime soon!


To find a class, check out Hot Feet Fitness' Class Schedule:
Or stop by their studio to say hi!
Hot Feet Fitness
816 SW 152nd St.
Burien, WA 98166 



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