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5 Reasons Why to Shop PI YOGA PANTS

by Larissa Miller 01 May 2020

We love everything PI and we hope you do too! If you don't own a pair of PI YOGA PANTS yet, here's 5 Reasons Why you should shop PI today!


PI YOGA PANTS are available in: petite yoga pants, tall yoga pants, large yoga pants, plus size yoga pants, 2xl yoga pants 



We specialize in offering many different size pants and they stretch A LOT!

If you are under 5'4" and wear a size 0-12 we recommend that you buy the "0-12 PETITE" size. Click here to read more.

If you are under 5'4" but would consider yourself curvy, I recommend that you try the "0-12 REGULAR/TALL" since it has more room in the thighs.

If you are between 5 feet to 6 feet tall and wear size 0-12, I recommend that you buy the "0-12 REGULAR/TALL" as this is our best selling size! If you wear a size 12, I recommend that you try the "0-12 REGULAR/TALL".

If you wear a size 12 and consider yourself curvy, try the "12-16 LARGE" it has more room in the thighs. Keep in mind the "12-16 LARGE" goes up to 16 so if you usually wear a 10/12 try the "0-12 REGULAR/TALL" first.

If you wear size 12-16, I recommend you buy the "12-16 LARGE".

If you wear size 18-24, I recommend you buy the "18-24 XL-XXL". Click here to read more about our plus size yoga pants.


PI YOGA PANTS for women of all sizes, shapes, age and more! Shop flowy, baggy, boho lounge pants now.

Woman in Coronado, San Diego, California loves her beach pants by PI YOGA


The smocked elastic high waist allows the pants to stretch a lot. That means there is a lot of give when it comes to sizing. As women, our bodies have a natural tendency to change as we get older. If an elastic waistband is too thick it can be too tight, uncomfortable and give you a 'muffin top' - we don't want that!

Our waistband is 5 inches wide and gentle on your body. If you are looking for flattering high waist pants to give you tummy control, look no further! The form flattering waistband is super comfortable making the pants perfect to lounge in all day. Click here to see how much the pants stretch at the waist.

They also make great maternity pants and are extremely comfortable for prenatal and postnatal wear. Click here to read "Top 5 Reasons Why PI Yoga Pants are Great for Pregnancy & Maternity".

As for the ankle, the elastic is not tight there either. The elastic in the ankle of the pants will not be seen when you wear them. The pants are designed to have the material at the bottom drape over the ankle for a cool, flowy, baggy, boho vibe! The elastic ankle also allows you to pull the pants up into capris during a hot summer day or just to create a new cropped pant look.

In that sense, it's like you're getting two pants in one.

 Summer is coming - shop beach, boat and yacht pants to keep you cool under the sun

PIYOGAPANTS.COM PI YOGA PANTS are versatile and easy to dress up. They're perfect for brunch, business casual work and for lounging around at home.


We love hearing all the places our customers wear their pants! PI YOGA pants makes for perfect everyday loungewear. They're also super soft and comfy as pajamas! In the morning, throw on a nice blouse, cute shoes and some accessories and I guarantee people will be stopping you to ask you "Where did you get those pants?"

Wear them to work to dress up “business casual”. In the afternoon take a stroll to the beach, roll up the ankles of the pants to dip your toes in the ocean. These beach ready pants are perfect to protect your skin from the sun and to keep the sand off of you when you want to sit down. They're also lightweight and quick dry so even if the pants get wet, they'll be dry quick.

Ready for yoga? No need to change! Just put on our PI YOGA sports bra and you've got your gym clothes on and now you're ready to go. Wear your PI YOGA pants to yoga, Pilates, qui gon tai chi, karate, meditation, kundalini yoga, music festivals, rock climbing, hiking - you name it!

They're also perfect for your summer vacation getaway to somewhere warm, tropical and humid. Wear them on airplane and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that the pocket is the exact dimensions to fit your passport! It's no coincidence. I'm an avid traveler, too and PIYOGA pants are perfect for your travels anywhere in the world.


PI YOGA PANTS are perfect for yoga, karate, doing the splits and more! PIYOGA pants are super flexible and will not rip at the crotch.

Flexible and versatile yoga pants in tropical rain forest in Bali, Indonesia at Morning Light Yoga in Uluwatu



If you have every had a pair of cheap elephant pants it’s almost a guarantee they will rip in the crotch. Not ours!

Our PIYOGA design has a uniquely designed gusset in the crotch, which is an added piece of material to ensure the seams won’t get pulled apart when you are doing yoga, squatting or bending!

I designed the pants for movement and flexibility to ensure we follow our mission to “empower women of all shapes, size and age to feel comfortable and confident on and off their yoga mat”.

PI YOGA PANTS elastic high waistband is very comfortable. PI YOGA PANTS is a woman founded, woman run and woman operated business based in San Diego, California. Shop sustainable. Shop PI YOGA.


Everyone loves pants with big, functional pockets – so we put them in our pants! All of our PIYOGA products have pockets and we always make sure they are big enough for your phone and passport.

If you love shopping sustainable you will love shopping PI YOGA. We proudly donate 10% of net profits to sea turtle conservation efforts around the world! Click here to read more in Our Story.

As a small woman founded, woman owned and woman run business we are grateful for your support and if there is anything, we can do to make you feel more empowered or comfortable in our apparel, please reach out to us! We always listen to our customers with open hearts especially when it comes to feedback about sizing, style and prints.

Thanks for taking your time to read this, have a great day!



Larissa Miller

Founder of PI

 PI YOGA PANTS Founder Larissa Miller works on a sea turtle conservation project in Bali, Indonesia in efforts to promote ocean conservation

PI YOGA PANTS Founder Larissa Miller dives with sea turtles during a sea turtle conservation project in the ocean. This sustainable brand is based in San Diego, California.


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